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  • Vettel wins fourth career Singapore Grand Prix
  • Hamilton retires on lap 34
  • Button, Alonso, Hulkenburg and Massa - Retired
    Singapore Grand Prix 2015

Sebastian Vettel delivered a great performance to lead from start to finish, with Ricciardo putting in a great drive to finish on the podium alongside the second Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit saw some over taking in the middle of the pack with Verstappen providing great entertainment during his rise up the field. It was also one without a Mercedes being involved in a fight for the podium places. The Silver Arrows team remains baffled, and to add to the lack of pace Lewis Hamilton retired on lap 34.

It's Suzuka in a week's time. Mercedes will hope to have solved their issues, as Ferrari look to continue their good form.

Verstappen has ignored team orders to finish ahead of his teammate Sainz. He will have some explaining to do.

Sebastian Vettel has driven a flawless race to lead every lap and take the chequered flag. Ricciardo comes in second with Kimi maintaining his position in third.

61/61 - VETTEL WINS!!

61/61 - Vettel on the final lap

LAP 60/61 - Verstappen has been asked to swap places with his teammate behind. Sainz did him the same favour earlier in the race. He has now been ordered to do so.

LAP 60/61 - Vettel on his penultimate lap responds to Ricciardo's pace and goes half a second quicker.

LAP 59/61 - Ricciardo was just over four tenths quicker than Vettel in the previous lap, the Australian making one final push. And the race is going to go the distance, all 61 laps.

Nasr is through and it's a welcome point for the Sauber team, who have struggled in recent races. Grosjean locks up on turn 1 and hands him the place.

LAP 59/61 - Some great racing all across the grid, with Nasr now closing in on Grosjean, as they battle for the final championship point.

LAP 57/61 - The battle for seventh place between Perez, Verstappen and Sainz continues. It could end in glory or tears this!

LAP 56/61 - Red Bull is still hoping to catch Vettel at the end due to the the advantage they have with the negligible tyre degradation. But it remains to be seen if Vettel is now too far ahead to think of a move.


LAP 56/61 - Perez is still holding the two Toro Rosso's behind. Good drive from the Mexican again.

LAP 55/61 - But Rosberg is not making any progress in catching Kimi, the Finn looks safe for third place if his tyre problem holds up.

LAP 55/61 - Kimi is now five seconds behind Ricciardo, and Rosberg is now just six seconds behind the Finn. The German will want to make up as many points on Hamilton as possible following the Briton's retirement.

LAP 52/61 - Verstappen has caught up to Perez, this should be an entertaining battle.

Jenson has been called in to retire the car due to gearbox troubles. It's a shame as the Mclaren-Honda team were expecting to score points at this race. That's a double retirement yet again.

LAP 52/61 - Vettel sets yet another fastest lap of the race.

Under 10 laps to go! Ricciardo is 3 seconds behind Vettel. Race still on!!

LAP 50/61 - The race could end before the stipulated number of laps due to the extended safety car periods. the chequered flag will drop just past the two-hour mark.

Kimi is still having trouble with his tyres, as Ricciardo goes a fraction quicker than Vettel.

LAP 49/61 - Vettel is informed from the pit box 'we are the quickest out there' as Ricciardo steps up the pace.

LAP 47/61 - Next in the young Dutchman's sights is Perez, but the Mexican is around seen seconds ahead. Could be too much to do, despite him being on the quicker super soft tyres.

LAP 47/61 - Verstappen makes a brilliant move to pass Grosjean and his teammate follows through half a lap later.

LAP 46/61 - Verstappen is stuck behind Grosjean, unable to make the move.

Vettel is now 3.2 seconds ahead of Ricciardo as the Australian drops Kimi

LAP 45/61 - The Toro Rosso duo are hunting in packs, Verstappen and Sainz are on Grosjean's tail hunting for eighth place.

LAP 44/61 - Verstappen has just set the fastest lap of the race. The young Dutchman never fails to impress.

LAP 42/61 - Vettel is slowly extending his lead, but Ricciardo is putting in fast times as well. Rosberg will surely make a go at Kimi for the final podium spot.

LAP 42/61 -The two Toro Rosso cars putting in a great drive, Verstappen has made it to ninth after being dead last during the first Safety Car period.

LAP 41/61 - Button comes in for a front wing change after going into the back of Maldonado

LAP 41/61 - Rossi was told not to overtake and restarted the race in between Ricciardo and Rossi. It was evasive maneuvers for the American, who went off track at Turn 1.

LAP 40/61 - The Race is back on! Vettel gets away clean

LAP 39/61 - Alex Rossi unlapping himself, Safety Car will be in once he catches up

LAP 30/61 - All the cars come in for their final stops. Vettel's lead has been undone again. Going to be an exciting last 23 laps.

LAP 37/61 - SAFETY CAR!! There's a man on the track. An evening stroll under the lights

LAP 36/61 - Perez overtakes Grosjean for ninth place. But more importantly Ricciardo is faster than Vettel, two tenths quicker the previous lap.

Kvyat is past Button for sixth place.

LAP 34/61 - Fernando Alonso retires from the race

LAP 34/61 - HAMILTON OUT!! The world championship leader retires his car.

LAP 33/61 - It's just half distance, but the two-hour limit could come into play due to the lengthy safety car period.

LAP 32/61 - Hamilton is almost ready to throw in the towel, as he asks the team if it is worth driving as he drops to 16th place

LAP 31/61 - Vettel has increased his gap to 4.3 seconds, but the Australian is fighting back. He has dropped Kimi, and is now quicker than his former teammate.

LAP 30/61 - Massa is having a dreadful day, a crash and then car problems that saw him drive through the pits and continue, and now he is asked to retire the car.

LAP 29/61 - Hamilton is now out of the points and Button and Alonso go past the championship leader.

LAP 28/61 - Hamilton car is suffering from multiple issues as he continues to drop down the grid. Team is yet to solve it.

LAP 28/61 - Vettel has stepped on the gas!! From under a second, his gap to Ricciardo is now 3.3 seconds.

LAP 27/61 - Hamilton has dropped from fourth to seventh in a matter of half a lap. the screens show a shocked and bemused Niki Lauda.

LAP 27/61 - Hamilton in trouble as Rosberg and Kvyat and Bottas pass him.

LAP 26/61 - Hamilton says 'no power' n his radio as he loses time.

LAP 25/61 - Hulkenburg annoyed with himself following the crash.

Hamilton is smelling a chance at a podium place with the top three conserving the tyres.

LAP 24/61 - Ferrari could be thinking of doing a little longer stint on this set of super soft tyres to also cover the Mercedes', who are on the less degrading soft tyres and could be on a two-stop.

LAP 24/61 - Vettel unable to pull away from Ricciardo, and just then the Australian's engineer confirms that the German ahead of him is 'not pushing' and is asked to conserve his tyres.

LAP 22/61 - Rosberg is being caught by Kvyat and Bottas, as Hulkenburg is handed a three place grid penalty at the Japanese Grand Prix for causing a collision.

LAP 21/61 - Vettel, Ricciardo and Raikkonen covered by two seconds. The latter two will now have DRS advantage.

LAP 20/61 - Under a second between the top two cars.

LAP 19/61 - The Safety Car is back in and it's race on! It's not been the same start for Vettel, with Ricciardo following close behind.

LAP 18/61 - It has been six laps behind the safety car as the marshals clear the debri caused during the Hulkenburg-Massa collision

LAP 16/61 - The Mercedes duo have jumped Daniil Kvyat to go fourth and fifth. Their promotion is due to them stopping under the virtual safety car. they made up time due to all the other cars following a set time.

All the cars have made their stops. The Mercedes have gone on to the soft compound tyres while the Red Bulls and Ferrari's have opted for the super softs.

LAP 15/61 - It makes for a good race! Ricciardo looked quick ahead of the stops.

LAP 16/61 - This will close the gap. All the good work done by Vettel has been undone. Every race in Singapore since the debut in 2008 have seen a Safety Car period.

LAP 14/61 - The safety car is out!!

LAP 13/61 - Hulkenburg is out of the race after a collision with Felipe Massa, who was coming out of the pits. No fault from the Brazilian there.

LAP 11/61 -Ricciardo has erased the five second gap to Vettel and it is now under four seconds. The Australian driving a strategic race.

LAP 11/61 - Alonso comes in for his first stop, as do Sainz & Maldonado. The former Ferrari driver was covering the undercut from Grosjean, but failed to do so after the Frenchman made the first genuine overtake of the race.

LAP 10/61 - Kimi is maintaining a steady 1.5 seconds gap to Ricciardo, while the Australian is gaining on Vettel slowly but surely, he goes faster than the German yet again on Lap 9

LAP 9/61 - Ricciardo has now picked up the pace, and was three tenths quicker than Vettel on the previous lap .

LAP 8/61 - Perez has been asking his team if he can overtake his teammate in front of him, indicating that Hulkenburg is holding him up.

LAP 7/61 - Kimi is keeping Ricciardo honest, while Kvyat's not allowing Hamilton to close in. Rosberg struggling to match his teammate's pace and has dropped to over three seconds behind. The German has Bottas in the DRS zone behind him.

LAP 5/61 - Mercedes race pace is not making an impact on the cars ahead, as Vettel increases his lead in the front to five seconds.

LAP 3/61 - Vettel sets his first fastest lap of the race, and is now 4.4 seconds ahead of his former teammate

LAP 2/61 - Perez came close to colliding into the back of his teammate in the opening lap. Close one that!

LAP 2/61 - Vettel is already over three seconds ahead of Ricciardo, who has Raikkonen and Kvyat right behind.

LAP 1/61 - All clean through the first turn, with Vettel leading the way. Some close battles all across the grid. Bottas failed with a brave move on Rosberg.

VEttel gets away clean, and so does Ricciardo and Raikkonen.


Every car on the grid is starting on the super soft tyres. The drivers are now their formation lap. No problems, all off the line.

Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen at the front of the grid have a an extra set of fresh super soft rubber available to them during the race. How many stops will there be?

There is a 10% chance of rain. 5 MINS TO RACE START!!

Rosberg's car suffers a minor glitch, but all is fixed.

The drivers lineup for the National Anthem

All you need to know before the start of the second, but the main F1 night race

The drivers are done with their socialising and parades, it's race time. 15 MINS TO RACE START!!!

Singapore Grand Prix 2015

And guess what the guys at Lotus spotted? A pit lane traffic jam

The pit lane is open and Lotus cars are heading out

According to Niki Lauda, the non-executive board member of the Mercedes F1 team, the Silver Arrows cars can best hope for a third place finish today.

An F1 record that Lewis Hamilton will not want to see.

Just under one hour to go. Got to be the most anticipated race of the season, especially with Mercedes ruling themselves out of the battle for the top step of the podium.

First the weather update courtesy the Lotus boys.

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