Danish company Æsir, have released a mobile phone which they claim will never need to be replaced.

The everlasting phone is made of surgical-grade steel and doesn't sport flashy apps like Apple's upcoming iPhone 5.

"There's a long tradition in Denmark to build things that will last"

"So we tried to design our mobile phone like you would a chair, boiling it down to the essence of what it should be." Says Thomas Møller Jensen, Æsir's founder.

Although the phone does little more than call or text, Thomas maintains that the phone will never have to be replaced, which is what justifies the staggering £5,200 price tag.

Earlier this year, the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology in Germany discovered a plastic that heals like a biological skin.

Australian researchers have also proved it is possible to design batteries that would never need to be recharged.

Jensen went on to say: "There's an obsession with obsolescence. I'm sick of opening the newspaper and having adverts for 200 new televisions in my face."

The Guardian likened the basic phone to that of Amazon's Kindle, which is perhaps the only piece of technology that serves a single basic purpose: reading books.