Stocks markets in the US saw slight gains on Thursday (27 April) with the Nasdaq reaching a new all-time high. Uncertainty ruled the day, with quarterly results providing surprises alongside a Trump administration tax plan decidedly light on details.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.03% or 6.24 points, to end Thursday on 20,981.33; the S&P 500 rose 0.06% or 1.32 points, to end at 2,388.77; and the Nasdaq rose 0.39% or 23.71 points to end on the new record high of 6,048.94.

Investors still wary from the failed healthcare repeal which ended the markets rally that followed President Donald Trump's inauguration are waiting for details on the proposed tax reform plan, after the administration announced massive cuts to corporate taxes.

A senior portfolio manager at US Bank told MarketWatch that investors are "anxious for details of the tax plan".

Companies first-quarter earnings saw ups and downs too. Under Armour Inc. shot up almost 10% even after reporting a loss - it was a smaller loss than had been anticipated.

American Airlines, however, dropped over 5% on the news that they are increasing pay for pilots and attendants. This move was thought to be an attempt to generate more positive news after the US airline industry's PR nightmare that saw a doctor dragged from a United flight in Chicago.