Apple-1 computer sold for $355,500
Apple-1 computer sold for $355,500 Christie’s

Last week an Apple-1 computer was sold for $355,500 (£281,561) at an auction at Christie's New York City office.

The Apple-1 systems were sold without casing, power supply, keyboard or monitor, but they came with a pre-assembled motherboard "that put Apple far ahead of its competitors," notes the Christie's website.

Christie's auction house says about 50 Apple-1 computers still exist, with many displayed at museums worldwide like the Smithsonian Museum of Art.

The auction house estimates that the Apple-1 computer is worth between $300,000 and $500,000. In 2013 an Apple-1 computer was sold by Breker, Cologne for $671,400 and in October 2014 another computer was sold by Bonhams, New York for $905,000.

Apple-1 is the company's first personal computer and was launched in 1976 priced at $666.66. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first introduced the computer to a small group of people at the Homebrew Computer Club on Palo Alto. Steve Wozniak in his autobiography iWoz in 2006 said Jobs did not help build Apple's first computer. Wozniak is said to have built it on his own, while Jobs' focus was on selling them, notes Fortune, which first reported about the latest auction.

In May, another Apple-1 was sold at an auction in Germany. The computer, which is one of the eight working models in the world, fetched €110,000, although it was expected to fetch between €180,000 and €300,000.