Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has found himself in a war of words with outspoken Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho following the Premier League match between their two sides on Sunday.

Solskjaer made some scathing comments about Spurs player Son Heung-min after United's 3-1 victory, and Mourinho was having none of it. The conflict stems from a disallowed goal by Edinson Cavani in the first half. The referee decided to disallow the effort thanks to a foul on Son by Scott McTominay.

After a VAR review of the incident, Edinson's goal was cancelled out to the disbelief of the entire United camp. "If that's a clear and obvious error, it's an obvious error he had to look at it. It was a perfectly good goal," said Solskjaer.

He then took a dig at the Korean international by saying, "We shouldn't be conned. I have to say, if my son stays down for three minutes and he needs his 10 mates to help him up, he won't get any food."

According to Goal, Mourinho did not take the comments in stride. "First of all, let me tell you something. I'm very surprised after the comments Ole made on Sonny," he said.

"Sonny is very lucky his father is a better person than Ole. I am a father and as a father you have to always feed your kids, it doesn't matter what they do. If you have to steal to feed your kids, you steal. I'm very, very disappointed."

Mourinho went on to tell members of the press that he had already spoken to Solskjaer and told him exactly how he feels. He also pointed out that the press ignored the comment but would have had a field day if he was the one who said something similar about another player.

"It's very, very sad and I think it's really sad that you don't ask me about it. It's really sad that you don't have the moral honesty to treat me the same way you treat others," he added.

Jose Mourinho in Tottenham
Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho POOL / Andy Rain