Sonos has launched a new subscription service for speakers. This service will allow consumers to rent expensive speakers by paying a monthly fee.

The service, called Sonos Flex, will initially be available in the Netherlands starting at €15 (£13.38). It will first be available to 500 homes in a limited rollout stage.

"Sonos Flex is the flexible speaker subscription for brilliant sound in the Netherlands. From 15 euros a month you get as many Sonos as you want, as long as you want," the company's website states.

Subscriptions are available in three models:

€15 per month: The company offers two Sonos One speakers, which can be paired together and even be placed in different rooms to provide a surround sound ambiance throughout the house. A pair of Sonos One speakers costs €458 (£408.44) in the Netherlands.

€25 per month: Along with two Sonos speakers, a user can rent a Sonos Beam soundbar. The whole setup costs €907 (£808.85) at a Sonos store.

€50 per month: This package comprises a whole home theatre setup with a Playbar, subwoofer and two Sonos One speakers. The whole setup, if purchased, costs €2026 (£1806.77) at a Sonos store.

The speakers are available in two colours – black and white, and can be replaced by newer models, once they are available. Subscribers can also change their plan or even cancel their subscription at any time.

The service is available in a limited manner in Amsterdam. While the company delivers for free, a four-day processing duration is required. A free installation option is also available.

The subscription service is unique since it is offering very expensive hardware at a fraction of the cost. This means that users aspiring to get a Sonos speaker, but barred by pricing, can now experience the product.

In the past, Microsoft has also done a similar endeavour for it's Surface and Xbox products. Apple meanwhile, allows you to get your phone replaced once during the first year.

However, these services are useful only if you are subscribing for a short period of time. In the long term, you may end up paying more than the price of the product if you continue to subscribe the service.

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