Now that "Spider-Man: Far From Home" is available digitally on Blu-Ray, fans can enjoy all the outtakes, the end-credit scenes, and most of all, the deleted scenes. There are two of the latter and one gives a subtle tribute to Tony Stark.

[This article contains spoilers for "Spider-Man: Far From Home"]

The deleted scenes are now available to watch online. One scene is set after MJ (Zendaya) and Peter Parker (Tom Holland) confessed that they like each other, so naturally, they should spend as much time as possible while they are on the class trip.

The scene shows the two lovebirds on the plane as they head back home. This time they are seated beside each other and they are asleep on each other's shoulders. The final cut of the movie only showed Peter and MJ holding hands upon arriving at the airport. je fond

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The second "Spider-Man: Far From Home" deleted scene is when Aunt May fetches Peter from the airport. In the final film, viewers only saw them exchange a few words before it was cut right before they enter May's car.

The cut scene continues that conversation before they get inside the car. Peter shows his aunt the high-tech glasses Tony Stark gave him and asks for her opinion. She says it looks so "obvious" but when Peter tells her who gave it to him, she smiles and says, "You're gonna grow into them."

🎥 Peter shows May Tony's glasses in this deleted scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Aunt May's statement has a touching note to it given how Tony Stark always found something special in the young web-slinger. He realized they have a few character similarities and they especially share the same passion for electronics and robotics. Even Happy saw this during the plane ride to London, when he stared at Peter skillfully crafting his new Spider-Man suit. He could only smile as the teenager reminded him so much of Tony.

Aunt May's answer is also cryptic of Spider-Man's future as the next Iron Man, although as what Happy said, no one can ever replace the original.

These two "Spider-Man: Far From Home" deleted scenes give the movie a more heartfelt ending, according to Screengeek. Meanwhile, the middle and end-credits scenes hint a grim future for the neighbourhood Spider-man.

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