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2pm GMT: Sri Lanka vs England

  • England beat Sri Lanka by 10 runs and reach semi-finals. Expected to face New Zealand.
  • Jos Buttler makes 66 from 37 balls in total of 171 for 4.
  • Angelo Mathews top scores with 54 not out as Sri Lanka make 161 for 8
  • England will qualify for semi-final with a win.
  • Defeat would see winner of South Africa vs Sri Lanka on Monday reach last four.
  • New Zealand and West Indies already through to the knock-out phase.
Jos Buttler
Buttler scored a fine 66 to give England hope of reaching the semi-finals. Getty Images

Well what a climax to the most thrilling of matches. England are into the last four and holders Sri Lanka are out, along with South Africa. There is one berth in the semi-final left and that will be decided when Australia take on hosts India tomorrow. We will have live coverage of that game but until then, goodbye.

England are into the T20 World Cup semi-finals and will face New Zealand after a thrilling win in Delhi. Jos Buttler helps them put on 171 for 4 with the bat and despite a mesmeric 54 from Angelo Mathews some fine death bowling was enough for Eoin Morgan's side. Fabulous game, particularly after Sri Lanka were reduced to 15 for 4.

20th over Sri Lanka 161 for 8 - Just to repeat, 15 needed from six balls. Sri Lanka win, they stay in the competition, and send England home. England win, they're into a semi-final against New Zealand. Ben Stokes entrusted with the last over. The rain has come but Stokes gets a dot ball first up as Mathews picks out the fielder. They run a desperate two to keep the game alive but they need boundaries quickly to stage an unlikely comeback. Another pair comes as Mathews clips over Rashid. 11 needed from three. Yorker from Stokes and Mathews needs two maximums to win it. Mathews can't make proper contact and they don't even run. It's all over and what an over from Ben Stokes. England win by 10 runs

19th over: Sri Lanka 157 for 8 - All on Chris Jordan or Angelo Mathews now; one player will keep their team in the competition; the other will be heading home. Jordan gets the yorker in first up and Shanaka is back on strike. He opens the face and send the ball for four past Buttler, good batting it has to be said as Jordan looks convinced he had the yorker. And then a stunner from Joe Root as Shanaka looked to send the ball for four. Dot ball and a wicket for England. Herath is the new man and he will surely only go one way, and he does; bowled by Jordan from the final ball. 15 needed off the last over, Stokes to Mathews.

WICKET! Sri Lanka 157 for 8 Herath (1) b Jordan

WICKET! Sri Lanka 155 for 7: Shanaka (15) c Root b Jordan

18th over: Sri Lanka 150 for 6 - 34 needs from 18. Big over needed to keep Sri Lanka in this. David Willey, the pick of England's bowlers, is back. Shanaka yet to score and he get a bottom edge through to Buttler. He gets one from a horrid shot off the top of the bat with brings Mathews on strike. Shanaka gets six off Willey and it's back in the melting pot again. Shanaka gets four from Willey's final delivery. Stunning game this, regardless of what we get in the last two overs.

17th over: Sri Lanka 138 for 6 - 40 needed from 24. One more over of boundaries and that might do for Sri Lanka. England need wickets and how will Mathews cope with quick singles? Andrew Strauss shuffling nervously in his seat. Perera gets four out of nothing with a swing down to the vacant fine leg area but his luck runs out and he finds Willey at long off. Jordan gets another in the block hole

WICKET! Sri Lanka 137 for 6: Perera (20) c Willey b Jordan

16th over: Sri Lanka 132 for 5 - Moeen Ali in for a second over of spin and Mathews takes advantage with a six off the first ball. Another follows from the next ball and the crowd goes mad. They scamper a two with Mathews struggling to run one, let alone a second. Perera makes it three from five with a six down the ground. The over which has turned the game on its head goes for 21.

Mathews undergoing treatment on the outfield. He may now swing for the hills, if his condition does not improve in the next over or so. Sri Lanka seven runs ahead of England at the same stage of the innings.

15th over: Sri Lanka 111 for 5 - The equation is 66 from 36 balls and the wicket of Angelo Mathews holds the key to this game now. David Willey is back into the attack now and his left-arm medium pace proves hard to get away until Pereaa gets two which beats Ali. Mathews stretching out his hamstring after that last run, which is not a good sign if you're a Sri Lanka supporter. He may need treatment as he celebrates going to 50.

14th over: Sri Lanka 106 for 5 - Really fine catch from Ben Stokes to give England a much-needed wicket just as Mathews and Kapugedera threatened to take the game away from them. Perera in now and he is a danger man. He takes just two balls to get his eye in before slamming Ali over mid-wicket for six. New ball required as the hundred is brought up.

13th over: Sri Lanka 95 for 5 - Angelo Mathews is keeping Sri Lanka alive in this match, but do their fans believe? Plunkett gives them reason to with a wide first up. Kapugedera swings hard for four as the ball bounces just inside the rope. The run rate is closer to 10 an over now after closing towards 12. England hit 72 off their final five overs, can Sri Lanka go with them? Joe Root misses a run out chance with one stump to aim at with Mathews nowhere but his opposite man is gone, finding Stokes in the deep. Is that it?

WICKET! Sri Lanka 95 for 5 Kapudegera (30) c Stokes b Plunkett

12th over: Sri Lanka 88 for 4 - Mathews probably holds the last drop of hope for Sri Lanka and he sends another one over the boundary off Rashid; coming down the ground this time. How costly could that missed chance for Morgan be? Really hard to over-criticise the skipper to be honest. Now another six this time from Kapugedera as Rashid continues to be targeted. Mathews makes it three from the over and that amounts to 21 from the over. Hope for Sri Lanka?

11th over: Sri Lanka 67 for 4 - England made 106 from their last 10 overs; Sri Lanka need 113 with only six wickets left. Mathews smashes for four with a fine pull and with the field back it drops safe. Fifty for these two Mathews and Kapugudera, but can they go on? Morgan puts Mathews down as he dives up to his left, can really only be described as a half chance; would have been a wonder catch had he clung on.

10th over: Sri Lanka 59 for 4 - Nine overs in and we have our first look at spin as Adil Rashid is thrown the ball. Sri Lanka bring up their fifty and then Matthews finds the second tier with the biggest hit of the night. That is a real wallop. A few more of those might turn this game as the required run rate continues to increase.

Ninth over: Sri Lanka 49 for 4 - Mathews and Kupugedere doing a good job of making this look respectable for Sri Lanka even if their efforts of reaching the 172 target look distant. Stokes concedes just three from his second.

Eighth over: Sri Lanka 46 for 4 - Plunkett in for his third and he continues to be a thorn in the Sri Lanka side. The required rate is over 10 runs an over and it already looks like a thankless task for Sri Lanka. Kapugedera gets four over the top to end the over.

Seventh over: Sri Lanka 37 for 4 - England were 38 for 1 at this stage, and those wickets in hand allowed them to lay siege in the final six overs or so. Can't imagine for a minute that Sri Lanka had a similar game plan. Ben Stokes brings his hostility to the party with the ball now and just four comes from the over. Mathews still hanging around.

Sixth over: Sri Lanka 34 for 4 - Kapugedera paddle sweeps towards Rashid but the ball beats the England spinner, but Buttler saves the extra run on the boundary rope; you don't often see that. Plunkett is bowling superbly here and is keeping Sri Lanka in check. Just 34 from the powerplay, but more importantly four wickets have gone down.

Fifth over: Sri Lanka 28 for 4 - The biggest margin of victory in this tournament by runs is the 75 that New Zealand beat Bangladesh by earlier today. England are well on course to beat that but Mathews twice finds the boundary to make the score respectable, the first as he got an inside edge past his own stumps and Buttler.

Fourth over: Sri Lanka 17 for 4 - It is hard to find the positives if you are a Sri Lanka fan right now. If I were you I would relish the final moments of your reign as the World T20 champions, because that title is about to be wrestled away from you. Liam Plunkett into the attack to prolong the pain and just two runs come from his first over.

Third over: Sri Lanka 15 for 4 - Those of you who have plans tonight might be in luck as Sri Lanka lose their third and fourth wicket to all but kill this game. Siriwardana gets six to energise the Sri Lanka innings but hope dies almost immediately as he attempts to go over extra cover and finds captain Eoin Morgan. They have to force things now but Thirimanne is too keen and is well short after Mathews' sends him back after hit straight back down the track. Ben Stokes benefits.

WICKET! Sri Lanka 15 for 4: Thirimanne (3) run out Stokes

WICKET! Sri Lanka 15 for 3: Siriwardana (7) c Morgan b Willey

Second over: Sri Lanka 8 for 2 - It goes from bad to worse for Sri Lanka in pursuit of 172 to stay in the World Cup. Chandimal has no room to operate and he edges to Buttler. Jordan and England are ticker here and this game looks beyond the holders before they have barely started with their openers back in the hutch.

WICKET! Sri Lanka 3 for 2: Chadimal (1) c Buttler b Jordan

First over: Sri Lanka 3 for 1 - David Willey has the new ball for England against Dilshan and Chandimal. Bit of movement, much like Mathews got for Sri Lanka in his first over. Don't expect that to continue for long. It lasts long enough for England to make a dream start though as Dilshan chips the ball straight to Alex Hales at backward point from the third ball. Cue the celebrations. Willey now cuts new man Siriwardana in half as he attempts to play across the line.

WICKET! Sri Lanka 3 for 1 Dilshan (2) c Hales b Willey

Bit a daunting stat to start with if you're a Sri Lanka fan; the 2014 champions have never chased down a total of 170 or above. England have 171 to protect so history is on their side. A win here would see them join the West Indies and New Zealand in the last four. Big 90 minutes or so for English cricket coming up.

Sri Lanka need 172 to win and stay in the T20 World Cup and send England crashing out. Jos Buttler ends 66 not out from 37 balls and was the driving force behind the total in the second half of the innings. Sri Lanka began well but lost their way in the final third of the match; 106 came from the final 10 overs. Advantage England with runs on the board, but a very interesting chase in prospect.

That draws an end to the England innings, we'll be back with the Sri Lanka reply in around 15 minutes.

20th over: England 171 for 4 - Last over to come from Perera and he almost gets Morgan is who is knocked off his feet with a yorker. Buttler back on strike through but he contributes to Morgan being run out as a straight one finds Morgan half-way down the tac and run out. Buttler does make contact and Dilshan's fumble ensures he will stay on strike. This has been decent from Perera and is nullifying this England surge. A single from Buttler puts Ben Stokes on strike for his first ball from the final delivery of the innings, which is hammered for six.

WICKET! England 162 for 4: Morgan (22) run out Perera

19th over: England 161 for 3 - No Lasith Malinga really changes the dynamic for Sri Lanka at the end of an opponents' innings and they are unravelling here. Chameera with a horrid wide to start the 19th over. More runs behind square for Buttler as he brings up the 150. This is looking like a good total with 11 balls remaining. Buttler smashes one down the ground for a second six and this inexperienced death bowling contingent are letting Sri Lanka down after a good start. Morgan can't get hold of one at the other end. He is just 21 from 14 balls faced. Last over to come.

18th over: England 146 for 3 - Big passage of play in this game to come for both sides. England building up ahead of steam and Buttler is freeing his arms, sending Chameera's first delivery in international T20 into the deep, but safe. The second is a wide full toss which is smacked for four. Buttler is 42 from 26 and could take this game away from Sri Lanka before they get their hands on the bat. Half century partnership is up between Buttler and Morgan. Buttler goes to fifty with a fine hit which disappears into the Delhi night. England will be eyeing 170+ now.

17th over: England 131 for 3 - Dushmantha has perhaps been the pick of the Sri Lanka bowlers with just seven coming from his to overs. He is back to hold up England's charge but he gets it wrong with one which is too full and Buttler powers it through for four. Has gone about his business very quietly has the wicket-keeper but here comes the noise and a second four down the ground. A third boundary now and a no-ball which means a free hit for the most dangerous batsman in the England team. Replays suggest it was the wrong call and Buttler goes high and gets a single.

16th over: England 117 for 3 - Thisara Perera's first go with the ball for Sri Lanka and the first delivery is a horrible leg-side wide. That brings up the hundred for England and the score predictor is at 160. Morgan strikes over backward point to kick-start his innings and now there is a six over long off. That is more like it from the skipper. Another wide from what is now a lengthy and punishing over from Perera. Another two for Morgan and he puts a full toss away. A profitable 18 runs from that over.

15th over: England 99 for 3 - England keeping the scoreboard ticking as Herath bowls his final over. Just one wicket for the shrewd spinner and England have restricted the damage well. Just six from the over.

14th over: England 93 for 3 - Jason Roy threw his bat to the boundary rope on his way off, but reply suggest he was right to be given out. Sri Lanka taking advantage of the uncertainty with Morgan at the crease and the flow of runs has been stemmed somewhat. Buttler not yet into his stride which is a worry for England. He will have to go mental in the final overs.

13th over: England 88 for 3: Buttler gets a tad fortunate with a huge edge with flies for four behind the 'keeper. Vandersay is fuming inside and he comes back with a good one, tucking up Roy and he traps him lbw, though the Surrey man is far from happy. Just a few singles follow but that will do for England, before five overs of carnage at the end. Eoin Morgan, the left-hander, is the new man.

WICKET! England 88 for 3: Jason Roy (42) lbw Vandersay

12th over: England 81 for 2 - Angelo Mathews turns to himself and a very ordinary balls has Roy all tied up with a horrid reverse sweep. England just getting set again after losing Root but Buttler tickles one round the corner for four. He is a threat both sides of the wicket and Mathews has no answer to be perfectly honest.

11th over: England 73 for 2 - Soft wicket for England to give away as Root makes contract with a pull but picks out Thirimanne on the boundary. Eoin Morgan turns to Jos Buttler and he turns the opening ball away. A fielding mix-up sees the pressure relent somewhat and the over ends well for England with a virtuoso reverse sweep from Buttler.

WICKET! England 65 for 2: Joe Root (25) c Thirimanne b Vandersay

10th over: England 65 for 1 - Joe Root goes one-handed to a wide one from Dushmantha and just gets it over Mathews and gets four. So close to what would be a key wicket for Sri Lanka at a stage of the match where the control is with England. Root has the most runs of any player from the Super 10 stage onwards but he is almost back in the pavilion with a wild swipe across the line which he gets away with.

Ninth over: England 60 for 1 - Herath back for his third over, have Sri Lanka all-but bowled out their main man a bit early? Roy is batting well here, selecting when to go big and when to go short well and the success of that policy is highlights when he chips over the infield for six. If these two, Roy and Joe Root, can go on for the next four or five overs, England will be sensing 160+.

Eighth over: England 50 for 1 - Another bowling change from Mathews as Duschmantha comes into the fray. His first ball makes Roy looks foolish as he advances and misses. The second goes through Roy and Chandimal wants his head with a huge appeal behind the stumps. Nothing doing says Rod Tucker. Roy struggling with the length here and England take just three from the over.

Seventh over: England 47 for 1 - Siriwardana with the ball now and more pace being taken off the ball from Sri Lanka. Roy drills on down the ground for one but two balls later he makes good contact and it goes the distance. From a full toss it must be said but nevertheless it was a fine strike which went over the sidescreen.

Sixth over: England 38 for 1 - Mathews back into the attack and England are struggling to hit anything straight further than the long-on fields-man. Roy gets down on one knee to sweep the ball away for four though, but a bottom edge from the next ball emphasises how England are yet to judge the pace of this pitch. Root clips a beauty through mid-wicket for a much-need boundary. Just 38 from the powerplay overs however; advantage Sri Lanka.

Fifth over: England 29 for 1 - Another four for Root through cover as the 2010 champions get into their stride. Vandersay in for his second over after Matthews opened up and he is taking all the pace off the ball, frustrating Roy but given some width and the England opener cuts away for another four.

Fourth over: England 19 for 1 - Jason Roy gets England on their way with a fine reverse sweep to hit the first boundary from the 20th ball. Herath holds the key with this opening spell you feel, which England need to survive if they're to build a decent total. Root hits through the covers for four from a full toss, which is a gift from Sri Lanka with their opponents on the back foot.

Third over: England 8 for 1 - Root and Roy struggling to get the ball off the square as Sri Lanka smell blood. Root does pull one out to the sweeper on the boundary to keep the score ticking over but there is yet to be a boundary in the first three overs. Something of a collectors item. Sri Lanka wants the England number three lbw from the final delivery but the ball has done too much.

Second over: England 4 for 1 - The 38-year-old Herath takes the new ball and he leaves Hales all ends up first ball, with one which runs through rather than turns. Superb delivery which clipped the leg on the way through. He doesn't have to wait long for success however as Hales misses an attempted sweep. The trial by spin starts spectacularly badly for England. Wicket maiden for Herath.

WICKET! England 4 for 1: Alex Hales (0) lbw Herath

First over: England 4 for 0 - Captain Mathews is first into the attack and England are off the mark already, running a quick two as Hales tests out that back problem. A change of mattress has seen him return to the England team. Bit of movement for Matthews from his third delivery. Roy slices through points for another two to keep Hales off strike. Roy comes down the track from the final delivery but withdraws from the pull.

I have timed the Sri Lanka anthem at two minutes and 37 seconds; the length of a debuts single from an indie landfill act. Great effort from the 11 Sri Lankan players for remember every word. We're almost ready to go in Delhi.

Both teams are out and the anthems have started. England up first followed by Sri Lanka. Each of the mascots looks delighted to be there.

The trophy is being carried onto the outfield in Delhi ahead of the pre-match pleasantries which include the anthems. The Sri Lanka anthem is a real epic, so you have time to get a cuppa and crack open an easter egg without missing a ball.

Sri Lanka are the defending champions but they are a shadow of the team which without the now retired Jayawardene and Sangakkara is the shadow of that side which prevailed two years ago. England are definitely the favourites but there is ample experience in this team, particularly at the top of the order in the form of the effervescent Dilshan.

Having lost to West Indies and struggled against Afghanistan batting first, you can see why England wanted to chase today. Dew is not expected to be a factor tonight so that might assist England in protecting whatever they make in the first innings. Down to Jason Roy and the returning Alex Hales to set the tone.

Sri Lanka make one change; Dasun Chanaka in for Nuwan Kulesakara.

Eoin Morgan admits he would have bowled first and doesn't know what a good first innings score is. Alex Hales comes in for James Vince as expected.

TOSS: Sri Lanka win the toss and bowl

Remember today's game is not a pure knock-out game, with South Africa also in contention to reach the last four. They need England to lose and then to beat Sri Lanka on Monday to progress. In the event of a draw, they could also do with Sri Lanka not winning by too big a margin with net run rates a potentially tiebreaker.

Five minutes away from the toss in Delhi. Unsure how significant the dew will be today, but you will face England will want to bat first and make amends for their showing against Afghanistan.

Around 45 minutes until the start of play so the toss and confirmation of the teams is imminent. Sri Lanka have been very up and down in this tournament. Bangladesh ran them relatively close in their opening game before West Indies kept their heads to win a low scoring game in Bengaluru.

Sri Lanka vs England will be the second match to take place at Delhi today after the latest match in the women's World Cup. Reigning champions Australia have beaten Ireland by seven wickets with 6.4 overs remaining. Not sure we can learn much about the pitch from that scoreline.

Just to return to the game in Kolkate where New Zealand have confirmed their progression to the knock-out phase with a 100% record, you have to wonder how Trent Boult and Tim Southee will get into this team? With the wickets being low and slow, conditions which we didn't expect to suit the Black Caps, they will be expected to retain their spin threats which have again carried them home today.

How do we expect England to line up today? James Vince came in for the injured Alex Hales against Afghanistan but having scored just 22 is expected to drop out again with the Notts opener being recalled. Elsewhere, England are likely to be unchanged with Chris Jordan, David Willey and Liam Plunkett retained after their heroics in their last game.

The post-match presentations are currently underway in Kolkata with Kane Williamson currently being interviewed on the outfield after winning the player of the match award. Who will join New Zealand in the last four from Group 2? India face Australia in a straight shoot-out for the semi-final tomorrow. No overhyping required there.

Result from Kolkata and New Zealand have beaten Bangladesh by 75 runs, one of the biggest margins in the tournament, after bowling out the 2014 hosts for just 70. Grant Elliot and Ish Sodhi have finished with three wickets apiece as the Kiwis again leave their opponents in a spin. They qualify top of Group 2 and will face the side who finish second in Group 1 which is likely to be one of these sides.

Plenty to look forward to between now and the start of play which will get underway in around 75 minutes. We will have confirmation of both teams and the toss, which has proved decisive on many occasions during this tournament. The sub-continent dew has curtailed many a defence in the second half of matches, with the ball becoming impossible to grip and that could prove to be crucial again.

We are due to kick-off in Delhi at around 2pm but that was temporarily thrown into doubt after a halt to play in our first game in Kolkata where a failed floodlight saw the players taken off in the match between New Zealand and Bangladesh.

Play has fortunately resumed and despite the delay it is unlikely to impact out proceedings in the late game, with Bangladesh 50 for 7 as they chase 146 to beat already-qualified New Zealand.

The knock-out phase comes one week early for Sri Lanka and England as both sides face a do or die match in pursuit of the semi-final. Sri Lanka must win today, preferably by a heavy margin and then against South Africa on Monday to reach the last four. England meanwhile need just a win to qualify, but know a defeat would see them fail to emerge from the group phase of a global tournament for the second year in a row. The pressure is on Eoin Morgan's side to produce. All the build-up, confirmation of both teams the toss an the match itself on the way from Delhi.