Hundreds of catfish were seen flapping on the roads of Mississippi after Storm Nate struck southern US states over the weekend.

Nate landed near the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana as a Category 1 hurricane on Saturday night (7 October), with maximum sustained winds of 85mph (137km/h) and torrential rain.

It has since been downgraded to a tropical storm after winds weakened when Nate moved inland to Mississippi and Alabama.

Videos shared on social media showed boats and cars marooned on badly flooded roads and multi-storey car parks. One man shared a video of hundreds of catfish lying on a road in Mississippi after sea waters rose along the US Gulf Coast.

Nate killed at least 25 people in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras, but no deaths or injuries were reported in the US.

Although the hurricane was not as powerful as last month's Maria and Irma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and parts of Florida all issued evacuation orders ahead of its arrival.

As the storm weakened and floodwaters receded, the mayor of the Mississippi town Gulfport, Billy Hewes, told the BBC that the damage was not as bad as he had feared.

The storm left around 5,000 people without power in Alabama. In New Orleans, a mandatory curfew was imposed and residents outside the levee system, the flood walls around the city, were evacuated.