In the UK, about 150,000 people suffer a stroke every year - which translates to on average of one person every five minutes. And research published in the American Academy of Neurology, in the US. Shows that not only, are the number, of people suffering from strokes at a younger age increasing, but, that the average age, of stroke victims, is now down to under, 55 years of age

Study author Brett Kissela, of the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine in Ohio, said underlying illnesses such as diabetes and obesity were contributing factors.

Another study into strokes, by the Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre, suggested that with a western style fat and sugar diets. Many more people will start having strokes and dementia in their 30s and 40s and dramatically increase the chances of a stroke, disability and death at a young age.

However the report concluded that some of the possible contributing factors to these strokes can be modified with lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise. And, given the increase in strokes among those younger than 55, younger adults should see a doctor regularly to monitor their overall health and risk for stroke and heart disease.

Written and presented by Ann Salter