Miniature home
Small homes in the UK with installed bathrooms and kitchens could be bought for as little as £8299 on Amazon. Dmitriy Ganin/Pexels

Homebuyers in the UK have faced difficulties settling on a place to reside due to factors such as increased house prices and the cost-of-living crisis.

This has ultimately pushed them towards the back of the queue in the property market, with their options being scarce. As of January 2024, the average price of a home is just over £280,000, according to the UK House Price Index.

For those seeking a compact living space for two, an intriguing solution could be within reach. E-commerce giant Amazon offers the opportunity to purchase a fully-equipped miniature home for an incredibly affordable price of £8299.

The property, a creation of Alpha Fusion, is a 'tiny modern villa' that can be swiftly dispatched and delivered to your chosen location within a mere two weeks. This compact home measures 20ft wide, 19ft long, and 8ft tall, weighing just 5600 lbs.

Miniature home Amazon
The mini house can be bought from Amazon for £8299 and be delivered next month. Amazon

Also, it is waterproof and thermally insulated, so prospective buyers will not have to worry about feeling unsafe or cold. In addition, the property will withstand winds of up to 70mph, ensuring durability and resistance.

The miniature home boasts a built-in kitchen with ample cabinet space and room for a dining area. An en-suite bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink is included, along with a double bedroom that can accommodate a chair and table.

Other essentials such as light switches and ceiling lights are among the different features included.

However, prospective buyers must call a plumber and electrician before settling into the home to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Interested buyers do not have to view the miniature place as a full-time home; it could be utilised as a storage spot, office, or temporary guest living space, offering a flexible solution to various housing needs.

There are other examples of these types of properties being listed as purchasable on online retailers. People can buy a 20x8ft miniature house for £29,995 on the renowned e-commerce site eBay.

Similarly to the other home, the place is designed for people to start living in immediately as a modern bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen are installed. The cabin is completely wired, has multiple lights and plug sockets, and is easily set up to install a television and Wi-Fi.

Whilst nobody in the UK is believed to have purchased a home through a major e-commerce site, people have bought miniature dwellings.

Miniature home
Vicky Freese-Brayer and her husband built their mini home on land owned by her parents. @nurturedbynature_uk/Instagram

Married Vale of Glamorgan couple Vicky Freese-Brayer and Uriah wanted to buy a home but could not afford a mortgage. The former eventually convinced her husband to buy a miniature house, a decision that has proven to be a successful and fulfilling housing choice.

In 2020, the couple began constructing the house on a piece of land that Vicky's parents owned. To help with the process, the two studied YouTube videos and learnt all the essential parts of building a tiny home.

The property, which is just seven metres long and 2.5 metres wide, took four months to build and came to a total cost of £28,000. The couple's savings helped pay for all the expenses.

Six months ago, they welcomed a baby daughter, Naya, into their lives and have even managed to find space for her to live in the home.

Vicky is satisfied with her family's living conditions, which could change when her daughter grows up. She said: "As the cost of living has rocketed, we have peace of mind without a mortgage hanging over our heads. Maybe one day, when Naya is older, we will move somewhere bigger. But for now, when it comes to homes, bigger is not always better."