A teenage girl suffered three heart attacks and was put into a coma after downing ten Jägerbombs on a two-for-one night out.

Jayde Dinsdale, an 18-year-old student from Yeovil, Somerset, collapsed in her bathroom at home after the binge. Her father Darryl, 38, came to her rescue, performing emergency CPR that he had seen in Vinnie Jones' infamous CPR TV adverts.

Jayde believes that the caffeine in the energy drinks were to blame. In a Jägerbomb, a shot of the spirit Jägermeister is dropped into a glass of an energy drink such as Red Bull or Monster.

"I hope people will think twice about drinking energy drinks. They could be deadly," said Jayde, who spent 52 hours in a medically induced coma.

"Her pulse was very faint and she started to go purple. She was dead on the bathroom floor. It's a miracle that Jayde is still with us," her mother, Natalie, said.

"She was her normal bubbly self and was telling me about the night while in the bathroom.

"Then all of a sudden her chest jolted and she fell to the floor and hit her head on the bath and radiator.

"I put her in the recovery position and stabilised her, but she started having another fit. I screamed for my husband," she continued.

After being rushed to Yeovil hospital, Jayde had two more heart attacks but recovered within three weeks.

Energy drinks have been linked to health problems in young people but Red Bull have previously stated that one can contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.