The Global Climate Strike has kicked off on September 20 and will be coming to an end a week later on September 27. Businesses, workers and students will be rallying to force governments globally to take action against climate change. While most events went underway peacefully, the London Metropolitan Police has had to make two arrests already.

The student movement was initiated by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. Thunberg's movement encouraged school students to skip school as an act of protest. Nearly 200 events have been organised all over the United Kingdom on the first day of the protest.

Students are being joined by their families. Trade unions are backing the student movement as well. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has tweeted in support of the student and will be taking part in the rallies as well.

Global Climate Strike
Children from Asia to Europe skipped school and took to the streets for the climate protest. AFP / Juni Kriswanto AFP / Juni Kriswanto

Activist group Extinction Rebellion started their protests since London Fashion Week, where they staged "die-ins" and demonstrations. Two members of the group have been arrested under Section 14 in London.

All the Global Climate Strike events are taking place at pre-approved locations. The two arrested activists had violated the public order condition to demonstrate at Millbank area. The Daily Mail shared images of the two activists being carried away by the police.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has shared his support towards the student movement. Mick Jagger has also tweeted his support. However, the student movement is not being supported by business, energy and clean growth minister Kwasi Kwarteng. Kwarteng believes that skipping school will take a toll on the student's education which should be a student's primary concern.

The Telegraph mentioned that the Department for Education has warned teachers from encouraging the mass student strike. Any teacher encouraging the strike or not recording the absence of students will face legal consequences.

However, Suzie Longstaff, the headmistress of Putney High School has encouraged the students to practice free will to join or not join the protest. Longstaff believes that is is important for schools to encourage students to practice their free will.