Beyonce gave birth to her first child Blue Ivy Carter in 2012 Isaac Brekken/Getty

Beyoncé Knowles will reportedly announce her pregnancy during Super Bowl half-time show. The 34-year-old singer will join headliners Coldplay on stage at the NFL Super Bowl's half-time show on 7 February 2016.

The Halo singer had announced her first pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. At the end of the performance, she stripped off her sequined Dolce and Gabbana blazer on stage and showed off her baby bump.

"Beyonce has been telling cameras where to shoot her specifically, she has been very careful moving around on stage and she has been snacking throughout rehearsals more than expected," a source told Hollywood Life. "She hasn't told anyone whether she is or not but she also hasn't denied it or debunked it to crew. Plus there hasn't been any reveal that she is going to rub her stomach or tell people she is pregnant during the show."

"Beyonce is giving every indication that she really is pregnant," the insider added. "In recent months she has bulked up her security team to keep her protected. It really is quite an intimidating sight to see, something is going on with her for sure."

Jay-Z had previously revealed his dreams of expanding his family with Beyonce. During an interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez in 2013, the rapper revealed that he would love to have more children.

"God willing, yeah, get a little basketball team going," he was quoted as saying in Us Weekly. "Then you could be their agent and their dad at the same time. The world would be a better place."