Simon Danczuk
Simon Danczuk refused to comment on the allegations Getty

Labour MP Simon Danczuk has been accused of having sex with a woman in his constituency office in Rochdale after exchanging thousands of "filthy" text messages with her, according to reports. Danczuk, who is currently suspending by Labour for allegedly "sexting" with a 17-year-old, is accused of meeting the woman after exchanging explicit messages about sex fantasies and fetishes after following each other on Twitter.

According to The Sun, the "sex mad" Rochdale MP even sent explicit text messages to the woman, who was 22 at the time, while she was attempting to discuss the prospect of Britain voting to leave the EU before the Referendum on 23 June.

The woman, referred to only as Alice, told the Sun: "I felt quite privileged to be in there [his office] with such a well-known MP. It was quite a turn-on. Looking back, it was so irresponsible, he shouldn't have been using his office as a sex pad. But I just went along with it because I fancied him." She added: "He's meant to be a respected pillar of the community but behaves like a horny teenager."

In messages seen by the newspaper, Danczuk allegedly told Alice he'd rather "talk about how attractive you are" when he was asked whether Britain should stay or leave in the EU. When Alice asked "Yeah but Simon what About Eurovision, darts, the price of alcohol?", he responded: "I'm going to f**k you so hard you won't even think about the f*****g Eurovision".

Danczuk refused to comment on the allegations. In December 2015, he was suspended from the Labour party after he asked a teenage girl if she wanted to be "spanked" and told her how "horny" she made him. He apologised via Twitter, saying he had acted like an "old fool".