Jesus and Mary
'Jesus and Mary' as seen by Google Earth.

A viral image of what some devout believers claim are Jesus and the Virgin Mary captured on Google Earth has become an online sensation.

The picture, which can be viewed on the satellite imaging site, shows the Son of God and his mother hovering in the clouds, say supporters.

The figure said to be Christ wears a black cloak while Mary seems to be wearing a white and pink gown and her hands clasped in prayer.

The image was snapped by the Google camera van on the A5 road near Walensee in Switzerland.

It has been shared hundreds of thousands of times across social networking sites.

One viewer said: "As much as a Christian I am, I will never believe anyone has or will be greeted by any vision of Jesus or God or whoever. It's probably a smudge on the lens. Please don't fool yourself into thinking it's anything more.

Another wrote: "Who is to say yay or nay? If it is: Amen. Fantastic."

In 2010, a Lancashire student who left the frying pan on after falling asleep said he was confronted with the image in the burnt pot bottom when he woke up.

Earlier this year, Martin Andrews claimed he saw the outline of the almighty with outstretched arms when he spilled fabric conditioner.