Antonio Vazquez Alba
Antonio Vazquez Alba also known as "El Brujo Mayor" holds Tarot cards while making a prediction during a news conference in Mexico City. Reuters

A Mexican tarot reader has come up with a series of predictions which, he claims, will materialise in 2012.

Antonio Vazquez Alba's prophecies involve the fate of individuals and nations. But the most significant of them is Barack Obama tasting defeat in the U.S presidential elections to be held in November this year.

"I feel Obama will lose. They will attack him a lot. The Republicans have all the money in the United States and so they are putting a lot of pressure on him to make mistakes," Alba told a press conference in Mexico City.

He has also predicted that two more South American leaders will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Recently, Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

According to Alba, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who alleged a "CIA conspiracy" behind South American Left wing leaders getting cancer, will have a "terrible relapse".

He has also predicted that Syria will be invaded this year, but refused to give any other details.

Alba, who calls himself the "Brujo Mayor" (grand warlock) practises a type of "brujeria" or sorcery. He has made a series of predictions over the past 25 years but not all of them came true.

He also relies on astrology before making predictions.

Alba claims that 80 percent of his predictions have come true, but some of the major forecasts went wrong.