Following on from the OpNigeria assault, a hacker operating under TeamPoison's banner has targeted the United Nations (UN), releasing the data stolen in a statement posted on Pastebin.

The Pastebin post appeared on Thursday alongside a statement by the hacker. Chronicling the organisations history, the hacker, named Casi in the release, gave no explanation as to their exact motivation past that the hack was done for internet freedom.

"I f**k actually system... I fighting for Internet Freedom, equiality [sic] & rights for all. You're FREEDOM my brothers & my sisters ! <3" read the hacker's statement.

The attack itself targeted the UN's website. The data in the release included information from the site's database and a list of vulnerabilities.

The attack follows another TeamPoison-led assault on the Nigeria National Assembly's site. Similarly announced via a Pastebin statement, the data taken included database information and the usernames and encrypted passwords of several user accounts.

The UN has not responded to the International Business Times UK's requests for comment on and confirmation of the data included in the post.