Hamilton the hipster cat has a jauntily-twirled moustache – and nearly half a million followers

Shishi-maru the Scottish Fold cat looks permanently angry, so cheer him up by following him

Yogurt the pirate dog has only one eye, and a permanently lolling tongue

Daisy has an underbite and a set of wheels to help her run

Venus is a tortoiseshell cat with heterochromia (her eyes are different colours). Half of her face is covered with a black splodge.

Menswear dog is a dog who wears meanswear, and is a very snappy dresser.

Lil Bub was born with several genetic mutations that give her a "perma-kitten" appearance. She has over 650,000 Likes on Facebook and a range of merchandise. She starred in a documentary that won the Tribeca Online Festival Best Feature Film

This is Sam. He has eyebrows. Cute, quizzical, worried eyebrows.

Cocomo the cross-eyed cat lives in Japan and is becoming more and more popular.

Rusty is a three-year-old husky who is often photographed wearing cute little headbands.