ATP World number two Andy Murray has spoken for the first time on the match-fixing scandal currently enveloping tennis, saying young players should be educated more to avoid them getting involved with illegal behaviour. He added tennis authorities need to do a "better job" of warning players about the potential outcomes.

"I just think that it should be tennis that does a better job of explaining. You know, they shouldn't have to read it in the press, you have to be proactive I think with things like this and go and speak to the players," he said during a press conference at the Australian Open. "I think the more proactive you are with educating young players the better on matters like this."

Roger Federer, currently ranked third in the world said he'd like to hear the names of players purportedly involved in the match-fixing. "I would like to hear the name. I would love to hear names and then at least it's concrete stuff and you can actually debate about it; was it the player? Was it the support team? Who was it?" he said.

"It's so all over the place, it's such nonsense to answer something which is pure speculation but like I said it's super serious and it's super important to maintain the integrity of our sport."