Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck owner suffers repeated breakdowns in 4 months. YouTube Screenshot / Lamar MK

Tesla enjoys an incredibly dedicated following around the globe. However, that dedication has been strained recently, with customer service issues frustrating even the most enthusiastic supporters, as a recent experience by one such fan illustrates.

A devoted Cybertruck owner, initially unfazed by potential shortcomings, ultimately identified a design flaw after experiencing a critical issue with his first truck, necessitating a replacement. A longtime Model Y owner, LamarMK further embraced the Tesla brand by acquiring a Cybertruck in March.

However, his excitement was short-lived. Two weeks after taking possession of the vehicle, his Cybertruck malfunctioned on the road, displaying multiple error messages. This ordeal is documented on his YouTube channel.

The Electric Truck Service Dilemma

Upon returning home, LamarMK contacted Tesla service, who retrieved the vehicle for inspection. In addition to the malfunction, he reported several other concerns, including an imperfection he described as a line or "wripple" in the windshield, a driver's seat positioned too close to the centre console, and a sagging headliner trim.

In his video, Lamar adopts a pragmatic approach, stating, "Stuff happens and we just have to work through it." However, this sentiment might not resonate with everyone, considering the hefty price tag and short ownership period before the Cybertruck malfunctioned.

Frustrated by the extended wait, Lamar posted another video in April. The video featured a plea for assistance directly addressed to Elon Musk. According to Lamar, Tesla service repeatedly provided completion estimates, only to postpone the repairs later.

He then created a video that included footage of the Cybertruck in the service centre, saying that techs there "took it completely apart" to diagnose the problem. After a few more weeks, Lamar received his Cybertruck back, reportedly "fixed" by Tesla service.

According to the service report, the culprit was a corroded ground wire for the AC system, which triggered a safety shutdown of the entire high-voltage system. Lamar documented his joyous reunion with the Cybertruck in a video shot the night he retrieved it.

However, the celebration was short-lived. A concerning noise emerged from the truck two minutes into the video. Lamar promptly reviewed the service logs, revealing a previously undisclosed issue with the truck's active shutters.

Lamar Committed To Electric Truck Ownership

Disillusioned after a month-long service ordeal, Lamar expressed his continued loyalty to Tesla and his love for the Cybertruck concept. Despite his enthusiasm for Tesla and the Cybertruck (his "dream truck"), he made a direct plea: "Hey, I love the company, I love the truck, it's my dream truck. But just give me a new truck. Please."

Following several additional breakdowns, service visits, and online complaints, Tesla finally responded in late May by replacing Lamar's Cybertruck. He initially seemed content, even personalising the new truck with a wrap. However, his optimism was short-lived, as this second Cybertruck also malfunctioned after nearly two months.

The inoperable truck is immobilised while charging, as shown in the video uploaded to X. Lamar is unable to disconnect the charging cable or enter the vehicle. Lamar contacted Tesla service for assistance despite the late hour (nearly midnight). However, they informed him that no roadside assistance was available then, and he would need to wait until the morning to schedule service.

A tow truck arrived the following morning to transport the disabled vehicle. In a tweet featuring the truck on the flatbed, Lamar reported that jump-starting attempts were unsuccessful. The extent of the power loss became even more evident upon arrival at the service centre. Tweets documented technicians resorting to manual entry methods due to the vehicle's complete electrical shutdown.

In a subsequent tweet, Lamar expressed significant concerns regarding the truck's engineering. This was prompted by the service technicians having to drill into the frunk (front trunk) to gain access and utilise the manual release mechanism.

This situation raises serious safety concerns. The current design could pose a significant risk in the event of a power loss while someone is inside the frunk. Lamar reported that service technicians attributed the issue to a 12-volt battery malfunction.

However, due to the complete electrical shutdown and the inaccessibility of the frunk, verifying or replacing the battery is currently impossible.

Musk publicly acknowledged Lamar's situation on Twitter, committing to a repair solution for the Cybertruck. However, Lamar's experience with two malfunctioning, nearly new vehicles raises serious quality control concerns for Tesla.

Unlike other car companies, some Tesla owners have adopted a perception that enduring significant problems is an inevitable aspect of ownership. While Lamar showed a lot of patience waiting for their electric truck to be serviced, Tyler Hoover, from a car channel called Hoovies Garage, decided to sell his electric truck and buy a Cadillac Lyriq, according to an earlier report.

Despite these documented quality control issues, a recent report indicates that Tesla is delivering approximately 1,754 Cybertrucks per month.