Tesla has been taking a mickey out of its biggest competitor in the pick-up truck market, the Ford F-150, ever since the launch of the Cybertruck.

One of the demos of the Cybertruck included it pulling a F-150 truck uphill. While everyone is amused with the Cybertruck easily pulling it off, astrophysicist Neil Degrass Tyson explained it in a better way – the Cybertruck was helped by its higher weight, increased friction and weight distribution over the axles, which made the F-150 much more able to pull up weight.

The whole back-and-forth became even more interesting when Ford VP Sunny Madra chimed in and stated that if Musk sends the company a Cybertruck, he will conduct an "apples for apples" test. Musk replied with a simple, "Bring it on."

It seems that the most popular truck and the most innovative one are competing with each other and the executives are even more into it.

It also lays focus on the mechanics of electric cars in comparison to regular gas guzzlers. While regular cars are front heavy because of the engine and the transmission, electric cars have better weight distribution, which gives them an edge in terms of pulling weight. Another thing noticeable in Tesla's video of the Cybertruck is that it's an older truck with old tires, and appears to be in a two-wheel-drive mode. This means that the front axle is spinning freely and is at mercy of the Cybertruck.

A better test of both trucks would be them doing what they are made for – pulling heavy containers for their full range, in different environments.

Ford itself is in the process of making an electric pick-up truck that will compete directly with the Cybertruck. The best competition would be between the two since Ford's electric truck is expected to have a towing capacity of one million pounds.

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla has launched its own pickup truck. Credit: Tesla/Cybertruck