Alien goo
Alien goo

The mystery of alien goo which appeared in Somerset following an apparent UFO sighting has been solved ... sort of.

Unfortunately for X-Files enthusiasts everywhere, the substance does not signal a close encounter of the third kind; more of the "bird kind".

Scientists at the Natural History Museum analysing the sticky translucent matter identified magpie DNA. There was also frog DNA.

So it appears there has been no alien encounter here. Nor is it likely to have come from a previously undiscovered bird/frog hybrid creature with wings and slimy skin.

The mystery slime was collected by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds from Ham Well nature reserve last year. It was found shortly after a UFO was photographed in the sky over Avalon Marshes in the area.

Stuart Hine of the Identification and Advisory Service explained: "We did some molecular analysis and we picked up that there magpie DNA in the sample and there is frog DNA in the sample.

"Now that could mean that it's a frog that's been ingested by a magpie and the indigestible parts have been coughed up in to the sticky gel. However, we've got to explore a bit further.

"It is a mystery. It's one of those: is it extra-terrestrial? It certainly isn't extra-terrestrial. There's a solution to this and we will find it."

The work of identifying the alien goo continues for experts in London.