A podcast host created the internet's next favourite meme after he posted a picture of his daughter on Twitter.

Jody Avirgan from FiveThirtyEight and 30for30, captioned his image of a toddler with her eyes closed and both arms raised with: "my daughter just tried pizza for the first time."

The picture has now been liked 202,000 times and retweeted by 46,000 people.

One person replied to it with: "Jody, this is the greatest photo ever. No debate."

Another said: "pizza is the best religion."

The word "cute" was used countless times too.

Some people even took the opportunity to turn the picture into a meme.

Most people related to Jody's child.

One person said: "The tomato sauce around the perimeter of her mouth and those outstretched arms to a divine entity is how we all feel. #BabysFirstPizza"

Another said: "I had pizza last night and literally did the same thing."

The image gained so much popularity even pizza companies were sharing it apparently.

Avirgan said: "While I appreciate the love this is getting I notice that a few Chicago pizza shops have tweeted it and I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that whatever it is you're subjecting your customers to — it's not real pizza."

One thing is clear from the picture's reception however - pizza is universally loved across ages and countries.