Three Euro Internet Pass Offers EU Roaming for fiver a Day 3 logo

UK mobile operator Three has launched the Euro Internet Pass service, designed to keep people connected while they are abroad for £5 per day.

Three said the service is designed for browsing so streaming may not be as good as it is on the UK network, while tethering - where a laptop or tablet shares a phone connection - is not included.

The internet access from the Euro Internet Pass lasts on a user's phone until midnight UK time.

"Introducing our brand new Euro Internet Pass, designed to let you browse, tweet, update and upload for just a fiver a day," said a post on the official blog.

"No more hunting for internet cafés, no more searching for Wi-Fi hotspots. The Euro Internet Pass gives you the benefits of the internet, without any of the hassle."

From today, all Three Pay Monthly Phone customers can access the service.

Three published instructions for how to use the Euro Internet Pass:

  • Three customers should check with the operator that international roaming is activated on their account before they travel.
  • When they arrive at their destination, Three sends them a text message containing a link to a mobile page for the Euro Internet Pass.
  • Push notifications, which tell users when they have new email or who is doing what on social networking, should be switched off so that no data is used data before the pass is activated.
  • Users can then check the settings on their phone and switch data roaming to 'on'.
  • They should then click the link in the text and follow the onscreen instructions.

Three said the Euro Internet Pass service would allow customers to enjoy the best of the web on their smartphones while in the EU, without the fear of running up a massive bill.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, said mobile phone access was no longer just about making calls and sending texts, adding that, "Data is king".

"With the new EU regulations coming into force at the start of July, it is encouraging to see that providers are taking the lead and are already responding to the obvious demand for affordable data by launching cheap unlimited deals which should help consumers avoid running up massive phone bills while in the EU," Doku said.

"Three was the first to bring unlimited data to UK customers and now is leading the way in bringing affordable unlimited data to UK customers using their phones in the EU."

He predicted that the Euro Internet Pass would be a sure fire hit with holidaymakers this summer, particularly for those holidaying in an area without a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Video reporting by Ann Salter