With the holiday season in full swing, how many times have we spent hunting in the heat for an internet café or somewhere that offers free WiFi to avoid running up big internet phone bills. Well not any more, if you are a Three mobile customer, as they are the first mobile company to offer a Euro internet pass for only £5.00 per day. So you can browse, tweet and upload to your heart's content, right onto your phone until 12.00pm, every day, anywhere in Europe.

So how does it work and how can you get it? Well, first of all, customers should check with the operator that international roaming is activated on their account before they travel. When they arrive at their destination, Three then sends them a text message, containing a link to a mobile page for the Euro Internet Pass. Make sure the push notification is turned off, so that no data is used before the pass is activated. Users can then check the settings on their phone and switch data roaming to 'on'. Then click the link in the text and follow the onscreen instructions.

And then it's back to focusing on the fun in the sun, safe in the knowledge that when you get home there won't be a big bill to pay, long after the tan has faded.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter.