There is a treat in the offing for all smart phone operators. Mobile service provider Three has announced that it will extend its popular "Unlimited Data Plan" to all users of smart phones, according to a report in The Telegraph. Also according to the report, the company is believed to soon offer an "all-you-can-eat" data plan, from Oct. 7.

The move is aimed at eliminating apprehensions surrounding the possibility of huge data charges being levied and will cut all data caps for all smart phones. Numbers suggest that over 98 percent of advance users now opt for a high-end and data-hungry phone. In addition, users are accessing greater amounts of data every month, with 1.2GB now the average figure - as used by iPhone4 users in August.

"The One Plan quickly became our number one contract tariff and our all-you-can-eat PAYG offer is our most popular bundle. From October 7 we are opening up all-you-can-eat to everyone else, starting from as little as £18 per month," Thomas Malleschits, Marketing Director of Three UK said.

However, Three has expressed concerns over its capacity in urban regions, if spectrum auctions do not start. The auctions to make space for future mobile services are due by mid-2012, while Ofcom permitted O2 and Vodafone to re-process parts of their 2G network for 3G services this year.

In May this year, the Google Chromebook was launched as the 3G connectivity partner, along with Three.