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The film - "The Three Stooges" - starring Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, Jane Lynch, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Hudson, Craig Bierko, Stephen Collins, Larry David, Kate Upton and Brian Doyle, is all set to hit theaters on 13 April and is a Farrelly Brothers' remake of the classic American comedy show.

The story is about three children - Moe, Larry and Curly - who grow up in an orphanage but have no dearth of adventures for all that. When their home (the orphanage) closes due to financial problems, the triplets embark on a quest to save the institution, resorting to becoming part of a reality show and even murder!

Incidentally, the first choice to play the role of Larry was Justin Timberlake. However, for various reasons, the producers settled for Sean Hayes.

The title characters have long been icons of American popular culture and have also appeared, as their respective characters, in various other films like "The Captain Hates the Sea", "Gold Raiders", "Time Out for Rhythm", "Start Cheering", "Broadway to Hollywood", "Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" and "The Outlaws is Coming". The trio, who made their debut in 1925 in an act called "Ted Healy", was the face of American comedy for a long time.

"This right here, being part of an ensemble with great people. I think I have achieved a level of mastery being able to be in their company. I love it. They beat the hell out of each other, but really don't inflict any pain. Although, I will say that they were tough guys and every once in a while somebody got a poke in the eye. But yeah, it's an art form, a heightened form of physical violence, and they did it. And they were great," Jane Lynch was quoted as saying by Zap2it about the characters in the film.

Jane also expressed her happiness in the way the film had been shot.

"They did such a great job capturing the spirit. Our writer...the wardrobe, the way it's shot. It looks like it's taking place in the '30s, although it's modern day, top to bottom. They did a terrific job in replicating the spirit of it, and making it relevant for today. But you can go back and watch those 'Three Stooges' serials and laugh your a** off," she enthused.