The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on Wednesday offered an update on Tiger Woods' health and on the investigation surrounding the car accident that left him with several broken bones.

Reporters took turns asking Deputy John Schloegl about the golfer's condition and progress on the investigation during a Facebook live stream. He said that the investigators hope to find some relevant information from the car's black box.

"The investigators in the accident, or in the collision, they did a search warrant to seize and access the black box of the vehicle. They're gonna go through it and see if they could find out what was its performance in the vehicle and what was happening at the time of impact and with that, they'll have more information they can attribute to the cause of the accident," he said.

As for Woods' condition, Schloegl said the golfer "is resting comfortably" and that he "is healing." He hopes to see Woods back on his feet again even if it's not anytime soon.

"He is in good spirits, which is a good sign and hopefully he'll get himself back on his feet at some point down the road," he said.

It is hard to explain how touching today was when I turned on the tv and saw all the red shirts. To every golfer and every fan, you are truly helping me get through this tough time.

— Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods) March 1, 2021

— Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods) February 27, 2021

Schloegl also answered a reporter's question about the need to get blood samples from Woods to determine the cause of his car accident. He said this is not as easy as it sounds.

"Well I can tell you this, in order to seek a search warrant, you have to have evidence of impairment. Absent the evidence of impairment, you're not gonna get a search warrant, period," he explained. He said it is up to the investigators to decide if blood samples will be needed to determine the cause of the accident or the traffic collision themselves.

There are speculations that Woods may have been under the influence or fell asleep on the road prior to the crash. Jonathan Cherney, a court consultant, told The Sun after his visit to the site that the accident looked "like a classic case of falling asleep behind the wheel," because the road curves but the 45-year-old athlete went straight.

Cherney suggested that Woods was "either unconscious, suffering from a medical episode or fell asleep and didn't wake up until he was off the road and that's where the brake application came in." This would then explain why he sustained several broken bones on his lower right leg from the crash. He may have applied the brakes at the time of impact because his mind was not on the road before that.

Tiger Woods crash
Tiger Woods's crash occurred on a steep stretch of road known as an accident hotspot AFP / Frederic J. BROWN