Hagia Sophia Istanbul
The FCDO has also warned over the threat of terrorist attacks in Turkey Ozan KOSE/AFP News

The UK Foreign Office has issued a warning for travellers heading to Turkey in the coming days amid the rise in sexual assaults in the country.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) keeps its people updated about the risks of travel to any of the 226 countries and territories with their timely releases. Everyone must be alert about FCDO's advisories as it will help them make an informed decision before taking a trip.

The UK government's latest release is an updated travel advisory for Turkey, urging people to "remain vigilant at all times".

The FCDO has revealed that around "42 cases of sexual assault, including rape" were reported to British consular staff in Turkey last year.

"Most sexual assault cases reported to British consular staff in Turkey have happened during summer holidays in coastal tourist areas. Many were committed at night by someone the victim met during the day, including hotel workers. There have also been sexual attacks on minors visiting toilet facilities alone. Be extra vigilant in these situations," added FCDO in its advisory.

The FCDO has also warned that there is a "high threat of terrorist attack" globally, with many groups eyeing UK and British nationals as "targets". As per the latest advisory from the UK Foreign Office, most terrorist attacks have happened in Southeast Turkey, Ankara and Istanbul.

"Terrorists may target places visited by foreigners, such as public buildings, places of worship, major events and large public gatherings," added FCDO.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has also warned that "there is also a heightened risk of a terrorist attack against the aviation industry in Turkey". The organisation has asked people to "follow the advice of the local security authorities, monitor media reports and cooperate fully with security officials at airports".

People should also be aware that street robberies and pick-pocketing are "common in the major tourist areas of Istanbul". Travellers must also be alert that there have issues regarding drink and food spiking. Holidaymakers must be careful of strangers offering them food and drink, to change money, or to take them to a restaurant or club.

In addition, there have also been a few cases where counterfeit alcohol has caused the deaths of tourists. The FCDO has urged its people to seek advice from their tour operator or the Turkish authorities if they have any concerns.

The FCDO has also advised against all travel within 10km of the border with Syria, all but essential travel to Sirnak (city), and all but essential travel to Hakkari province.