Mont Saint Michel is one of France's best-loved monuments
A lot of protests have been taking place in France since the last few months | Photo: AFP AFP News

A travel warning has been issued for anyone heading to France in the coming days after a series of protests that led to various disruptions across parts of the country.

From time to time, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) releases advisories about the risks of travel to any of 226 nations and territories in a bid to help people make informed decisions and stay safe.

FCDO's latest advisory is about France, which reads: "There have been some demonstrations in France related to the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. French authorities have increased security around Jewish community sites. Stay aware of your surroundings and follow the advice of local authorities."

There have also been protests by farmers across France since the middle of January. The demonstrations have led to blockages on major roads and delays in traffic, including on the edges of large cities.

In regards to the same, the FCDO also warned tourists that the industrial actions across France could lead to disruption and delays in public transport.

The UK Foreign Office's guidance read: "If you're due to travel to or within France, monitor the media, check your operator's advice and follow the advice of the authorities."

The French farmers are demanding for the government take urgent action on low farmgate prices, green regulation and free-trade policies. It has also been reported that the protests will supposedly continue to take place as long as the demands of the farmers are not met.

The farmers in the southwest part of France have gone to the extent of spraying manure over a local building in Agen and throwing animal waste at a nearby Leclerc superstore, France's biggest supermarket chain, the following day.

Meanwhile, the FCDO has continued to warn people about a possible terrorist attack in France. The Western European country had raised the threat level in the country to its highest following a deadly attack on Oct. 13 in Arras. The threat level has remained the same in France, so far. The Foreign Office has also urged people to be alert, saying: "Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in France."

The UK Foreign Office has also informed people about possible evacuations of crowded places in France, including "airports, public transport stations and stops, tourist sites, major sports venues, schools, places of worship and large commercial centres".

Earlier this week, the FCDO also issued an urgent new advisory for Turkey after a fatal attack took place at a Catholic church in Istanbul on Jan. 28. The incident happened during the Sunday mass at around 11:40 AM local time (08:40 GMT), where two gunmen attacked The Church of Santa Maria, leaving a man dead.