Kawaii Donald Trump makes heart symbol pose
A visual effects artist has created a new internet meme parodying Donald Trump and Japan's "kawaii" cute sub-culture Mike Diva / YouTube

Forget about hating on Donald Trump – a parody video blowing up on social media has gone in the other direction completely, demonstrating the unadulterated hero worship of the presumptive Republican US president nominee by a Japanese schoolgirl.

The "Japanese Donald Trump Commercial" is a fan-made video conceptualised and directed by Mike Diva, a visual effects artist based in Los Angeles who mainly works in the music industry. Diva already has a large cult following online for making video memes accompanied by original music focused on internet pop culture, but his latest video is truly the Trump meme to end all Trump memes.

The video parodies the Japanese "kawaii" sub-culture focused on cute fashion, toys, food, entertainment, personal appearance and mannerisms, and postulates Donald Trump being elected as "the World President".

In typical Japanese style, the schoolgirl transforms into a magical girl anime character, who goes flying through a Trump world where pastel colours, cute anime clouds and rainbows merge against a backdrop of army tanks, fighter jets, nuclear missiles and pink swastikas.

A great deal of visual effects and green screen come together to feature Trump making the ubiquitous heart shape pose and two fingered "V" for victory pose (copied from Winston Churchill) commonly used by young adults in photos.

Trump even transforms into a giant mecha robot in blue, pink and white to smite down America's enemies, while constructing a bright pink wall lined with barbed wire to keep those pesky Mexican immigrants out, before blowing the Earth to millions of pink smithereens.

On his Twitter page, Diva said that he was really nervous when uploading the video to YouTube on 15 June, and that his mission is to "make stuff that's pretty/ funny/ terrifying at the same time".

Kawaii Donald Trump as a giant robot
Trump transforms into a giant mecha robot that seeks to blow up the whole world Mike Diva / YouTube