Back from his first foreign trip as president, Donald Trump took to Twitter to declare his maiden journey – an ambitious five-city, nine-day tour – a "huge success for America". Many social media users, however, begged to differ.

Over the weekend, Trump concluded his trip that included stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy and Belgium.

The president proudly tweeted Sunday morning: "Just returned from Europe. Trip was a great success for America. Hard work but big results!"

Many Twitter users immediately slammed the president with a barrage of criticism with some listing out various embarrassing missteps on the trip, from awkward handshakes and "shoving" of foreign leaders to his behaviour at the Nato summit.

Others pointed out German Chancellor Angela Merkel's comments at the close of the G7 summit in which she described the debate between leaders over climate change as "very unsatisfying." On Sunday, Merkel said "the times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out" and warned that Europeans "must take our fate into our own hands."

"Hard work pushing other foreign leaders out of the way & having your wife recoil from your touch," one Twitter user wrote. Another tweeted: "You shamed and embarrassed us to the world. You destroyed decades-long relationships with allies. I call that massive, tremendous failure."

Another Twitter user wrote: "You're failing at realizing you're failing."