Donald Trump
President Trump chose to ride in a golf cart while his counterparts took a walk through Taormina, Sicily. Evan Vucci/AFP/Getty Images

President Donald Trump chose to ride in a golf cart while the other G7 leaders walked the streets of Taormina, Sicily. The Times reported on Saturday, 27 May that six world leaders from the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Italy and Japan walked 700 yards to a piazza in the hilltop town to take a group photo at a Greek amphitheatre.

Trump, however, reportedly decided to stay behind and wait for an electric vehicle.

The US president was apparently the last to arrive for the photo as his foreign counterparts waited at the amphitheatre. Taormina mayor Eligio Giardina told the Times that Trump eventually joined the other leaders on foot for the final walk to the G7 summit venue.

"Locals lined the streets to cheer them all, including Mr Trump," Giardina said.

Social media users wasted no time in mocking the incident. Some critics pointed to some of his earlier repeated criticisms aimed at Hillary Clinton during the election season that she "doesn't have the stamina" to be president.

"She doesn't have the look. She doesn't have the stamina," he said during the first presidential debate in September last year. "I said she doesn't have the stamina, and I don't believe she does have the stamina."

In a television ad in October, the Trump campaign targeted her health saying the former secretary of state lacked the stamina and strength needed to lead the country.

Many Twitter users also compared Trump's stamina to that of his predecessors Barack Obama and George W. Bush as well as other foreign leaders.

"Trump's so-called stamina must've run out," one Twitter user wrote. Another tweeted: "The healthiest president in America's history is unable to walk 700 yards... sad!"

"It's hilariously sad the image #Trump is portraying during this trip," one user wrote. "Yet, his supporters think he's showing strength? How? A golf cart?"