Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, and Zach Kornfeld have opened up to The Hollywood Reporter regarding the future of 2nd Try, LLC after the Ned Fulmer scandal earlier this autumn. This marks their first and only interview since Ned Fulmer's exit and their plans for their production company moving forward.

Towards the end of September, hell broke loose after "wife guy" Ned Fulmer was exposed to have been cheating on his wife with his employee who had been frequently featured on the videos on their company's Youtube channel. Pictures and videos of him going on dates and making out with his subordinate while he left his two young boys alone with their "Try wife" mother infuriated hundreds of netizens around the world as Ned had been profiting off his family man branding for years.

The remaining Try Guys found themselves in the middle of a whirlpool of bad publicity with numerous hate comments being left on their videos and SNL making a skit that parodied their video statement regarding the scandal. The guys revealed that numerous videos that had already gone through post-production had to be re-edited to remove Fulmer's presence, costing their company hundreds of thousands of dollars as some videos had to be scrapped entirely.

When talking about the trio's plans to release new types of content and re-branding their channel, Keith said:" We're still continuing our company [moving] forward and I think, over time, in the next years, the Try Guys [will change] what it looks like. Maybe there's more of us. Maybe it's less specific to just the three of us. At the heart of it, our show is about people experiencing things they have never experienced before. [It's about] having an open mind and having a fun time doing it, and being OK to fail at it."

He continued, "But that is the core of it. The three of us have, for a long time, been interested in evolving as artists, evolving as a collective. What we're focused on right now is figuring out ways to make what we make cooler and change it up."

The three revealed that while they will continue to create content for their channel, they are also working on various personal projects as well including short films for Zack, an off-Broadway show for Keith and a suite of projects for Eugene including his YA fiction writing debut.

Try Guys Trio
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