Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has been attacked by his opponents for being autocratic while Turkey's economy has entered a difficult period with currency depreciation and rising inflation Reuters

Here is the full transcript, courtesy of Turkish outlet Today's Zaman, of the leaked phone call between Turkish Prime Minister Recep Eyyip Erdogan and his son Bilal where the Turkish leader allegedly orders his son to dispose of vast amounts of money.

The leaking of the call implicated the Turkish PM in a corruption scandal that has prompted a global outcry.

Erdogan's administration has reacted to the leak, among other leaks, by bannning Twitter and Youtube.

The latest leak which preceded the YouTube ban is a recording of a key high-level security meeting on Syria between Turkish officials.

However, the recording of Erdogan and his son started the corruption scandal which has engulfed the Turkish leader and prompted the ban on social media websites following the information spread of his corruption.

Turkey's Prime Minister has said the recordings, which have been viewed million of times on YouTube, are part of a foreign plot to topple his government.


Recep Eyyip Erdogan (RTE): Are you at home, son?

Bilal Erdogan (BE): Yes, Dad.

RTE: Now, this morning [they] carried out an operation. Ali Ağaoğlu, Reza Zerrab, Erdoğan's [Bayraktar, ex-minister] son, Zafer's [Çağlayan, ex-minister] son, Muammer's [Güler, ex-minister] son, etc -- all their homes are being searched now.

BE: Tell again, Dad. [What are you saying, Dad?]

RTE: I'm saying that Muammer's son, Zafer's son, Erdoğan's son, Ali Ağaoğlu, Reza Zerrab, etc -- they are searching the houses of 18 people under a big corruption operation thing.

BE: Right.

RTE: OK? Now, what I [have to] say is, you [must] take everything you have in the house out. OK?

BE: What can I have on me, Dad? [I have no money of my own.] There is your money in the safe.

RTE: That's what I am saying. Now, I am sending your sister [to you]. OK?

BE: You are sending who?

RTE: Your sister, I'm saying.

BE: Eh? OK.

RTE: Then... She has that information, OK. Talk with your older brother.

BE: Yes.

RTE: Let's do... Talk with your uncle, too. He should also take out... Also talk to your [maternal] uncle, he should also...

BE: What should we do with this [money], Dad? Where should we put it?

RTE: In specific places, in some specific places... Do it.

(A woman's voice is heard in the background saying, "Berat.")

BE: Berat also has some-

RTE: That's what I am saying. Now, get together, go get your uncle. I don't know if Uncle Ziya has some? Also immediately [tell] your brother Burak, too.

NE: OK, Dad. You mean, Sümeyye, I mean take out, Sümeyye will tell me where to take it [money]?

RTE: Yes, fine. Come on, do [it], think about yours [your money] with your uncle.

BE: About what to do?

RTE: Yes, yes, let's contact soon, by 10 [o'clock]. Because the issue is...

BE: OK, Dad.

RTE: OK? Keep in touch.

BE: OK, Dad.

2nd call, 11.17

BE: Dad, we got together with Hasan [brother], etc. Berat [brother], my uncle, we are together thinking about it [what to do.] Berat has another idea. He says let's give some of it to Faruk [Kalyoncu] for the other "business/thing" so he can process it like the previous stuff. Shall we do it? We can dissolve a big amount with this.

RTE: That may be so.

BE: OK. For the other part, because we started a business partnership with Mehmet Gür, we thought of giving it to him, saying, "Keep it, as the projects come, you can use that [cash]. This way, we will be able to dissolve and move the rest somewhere else.

RTE: OK, fine, as long as you do...


RTE: Did Sümeyye arrive?

BE: She arrived home, she will now come here. OK, Dad, we will sort this out today, inshallah [with God's will]. Anything else?

RTE: It would be good if you do ... if you can dissolve it [all the cash].

BE: Yes, we will dissolve it [all the cash], inshallah.

3rd call, 15:39

RTE: Did you do the other tasks I gave you?

BE: We'll finish them in the evening. We sorted some out. We sorted out the Berat part, now we will first handle the part with Mehmet Gür and the rest we will do when it gets dark.


BE: Inshallah.

RTE: What did Sümeyye do?

BE: She took it [money] out, we talked, etc.

RTE: Did she sort out both things?

BE: I think so, Dad. She said she emptied both.

RTE: Both things?

BE: Yes, she said both of them, but you mean this by saying both things, right?

RTE: Whatever. OK, fine.

BE: What time will you arrive?

RTE: About 12.

BE: Have a safe journey.

RTE: Do not talk on the phone.

4th call, 23.15

BE: Hi, Dad. I am calling to... We did [it] mostly. Hmm, did you call me, Dad?

RTE: No I didn't. You called me.

BE: I was called from a secret number.

RTE: By saying mostly, did you fully dissolve it?

BE: We have not zeroed it yet, Dad. Let me explain. We still have 30 million euros that we could not dissolve yet. Berat thought of something. There was an additional $25 million that Ahmet Çalık should receive. They say let's give this [to him] there. When the money comes, we do [something], they say. And with the remaining money we can buy a flat in Şehrizar, he says. What do you say, Dad?

RTE: ....

(Background sound: Ayyy.)

BE: Dad?

RTE: Is Sümeyye with you?

BE: Yes, she's with me. Should I call her?

RTE: No, there was another sound, that's why I asked.

BE: Um, I mean, he can transfer $35 million to Çalık and buy a flat in Şehrizar with the remaining [cash].

RTE: Whatever. We'll sort it out.

BE: Should we do it like this?

RTE: OK, do it.

BE: Do you want it [all the cash] dissolved father, or do you want some money for yourself?

RTE: No, it cannot stay, son. You could transfer that to the other [place], with Mehmet you could transfer it there...

BE: Yes, we gave it to them. We gave 20 to them.

RTE: For God's sake. First, you should've transferred [it]. You could then do...

BE: We were able to give this much for now, it is already hard, it takes too much space. We are putting some of it in another place. We gave part of it to Tunç, and then...

RTE: Did you transfer all to Tunç?

BE: (Sümeyye, can you come?) Where, father?

RTE: To Tunç, I said, did you transfer all to Tunç?

BE: They asked, I guess, he said that he could take 10 million euros.

RTE: Whatever. Do not talk this like this about it.

BE: OK, then, we'll sort it out as such.

RTE: OK, do it. I'm not able to come tonight, I will stay in Ankara.

BE: OK, we're sorting it out. Don't worry.

5th call, Dec. 18, 10.58

RTE. I wondered if everything's fine, so I called.

BE: No, nothing [no problems]. We finished the tasks you gave us, with God's help.

RTE: Is it all zeroed?

BE: Fully, I mean, saying zeroed, how can I put it? I had Samandıra and Maltepe's money [money in his villas in Samandıra and Maltepe], $730,000 USD and TL 300.000. I'll handle this, too. We owe TL 1 million to Faruk Işık [AK Party deputy]; I'll give this to him and tell him to transfer the rest to the academy [unclear.]

RTE: Do not talk openly.

BE: Shouldn't I talk?

RTE: Do not talk, OK?

BE: OK, Dad.

RTE: I mean, do not keep anything on you, whatever it is, Samandıra or whatever... Send it to where it needs to be. Where do you keep it?

BE: OK, Dad, but I think we are currently under surveillance.

RTE: What have I been telling you from the very beginning!

BE: But is it the bodyguard team? Who is following us, Dad?

RTE: Son, you are being tapped.

BE: But they are also monitoring visually, they say.

RTE: That may be true. Now, we did some things [meaning reassignments of police officers] in İstanbul security.