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Twitter is to set up an international office in Dublin, Ireland's Industrial Development Agency has confirmed.

The social networking giant will join other powers like Facebook, Yahoo! and Google.

The announcement was of course made by tweet and read: "Ireland is trending. Twitter to establish international office in Dublin."

Richard Bruton, jobs minister, said that despite not knowing exactly how many jobs would be created, it is a massive win for Ireland.

Bruton went on to say: "Twitter is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing companies in the world.

"Today's announcement that it is to establish an international office in Ireland is a massive win, and shows there is real ground for Ireland's claim to be the Internet capital of Europe.

"It also shows that, despite our difficulties, we still have real strengths as an economy, and it is important to acknowledge that.

"The challenge now is to build on our strengths and the presence in Ireland of the world-leading companies like Twitter to build an indigenous engine of growth and get people back to work.

"Today's announcement shows that we have real grounds for optimism in facing that challenge."

The jobs minister noted that there were several online businesses that started small in Ireland that had gone on to become huge international employers.