Tesla Cybertruck
A Cybertruck has been spotted driving in New Orleans during severe flooding. Pexels

A Tesla Cybertruck was spotted battling heavy rain and deep puddles during severe storms that swept across the Southeastern United States. Last week, the Northeast was battered by severe storms, several inches of rain, tornadoes, and even an earthquake wreaking havoc as the low-pressure system moved across the country.

The Southeast US is now reeling from the effects of a powerful storm system that brought torrential downpours. While the low-pressure system is beginning to move out to sea over the Atlantic Ocean, major cities across the region were deluged on April 10. New Orleans, Louisiana, was one of the cities that bore the brunt of the storm.

According to the USA Today database, on Wednesday night, more than a whopping 118,000 homes and businesses were left without power across several states, stretching from Texas to Georgia. The state's emergency management agency confirmed a tragic loss of life in Mississippi. A 64-year-old woman in Scott County died after her oxygen machine stopped functioning due to the power cuts.

New Orleans witnessed torrential downpours of between five and eight inches of rain, accompanied by winds gusting up to 80 MPH, according to a report by Nola.com. The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed two tornadoes touched down in the southeastern US. One struck Slidell, a town 30 miles Northeast of New Orleans, while the other hit the southwestern city of Lake Charles.

According to the NWS, the Lake Charles tornado reached peak wind speeds of 185 km/h but only tracked along the ground for about 1.6 kilometres. Weather service survey crews confirmed another tornado in Saint Francisville. The New Orleans weather service reported that damage in Saint Francisville and Slidell was consistent with an EF-1 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

Did a Tesla Cybertruck Defy flood warnings?

While New Orleans officials spared no effort to warn people of flooding and urge them to stay off flooded roads, one Tesla Cybertruck driver wasn't listening to the warnings. The Elon Musk-led EV maker introduced the Cybertruck as a concept vehicle in November 2019.

Tesla initially envisioned ambitious capabilities for the Cybertruck. Last year, Musk teased a mod package that would convert the battery-powered truck into a boat. This vision hinged on the truck, achieving a level of water resistance in specific conditions.

Musk wanted the Cybertruck to conquer bodies of water. His vision included the goal of driving it from Starbase, Texas, to South Padre Island, a nearly 11-kilometre sea crossing. To achieve this, Tesla developed "Wade Mode."

This feature elevates the truck's ride height and pressurizes the battery pack to enhance protection against water ingress during short forays through shallow water. Videos showing Cybertrucks navigating water were making the rounds online. These included footage of the truck driving along the shoreline and another test where it tackled deeper water.

Now, new footage has surfaced showing a Tesla Cybertruck attempting to navigate torrential rain and deep puddles during the recent severe storms that lashed the Southeast US.X (formerly Twitter) user AccuWeather shared the video with the caption: "Officials urged people to avoid driving in New Orleans on Wednesday due to severe flooding, but one intrepid Tesla Cybertruck driver tried to punch on through."

Initially shared by Storyful user Dan Soto (@Dan_5Dot0h), the video shows a Tesla Cybertruck navigating a flooded street with ease. The clip, reposted by AccuWeather, sparked debate in the comments section.

While some viewers lauded the truck's apparent resilience in the face of the downpour, others expressed concerns about the potential impact of water exposure on the battery pack. Unfortunately, there's no further information available about the Cybertruck's journey.