Twitter New Profile Pages
The new Twitter profile page of the First Lady, Michelle Obama, which many claim makes it look a lot like Facebook. Twitter

Facebook is the social network. It set the standard by which all others were - and indeed still are - judged.

Facebook has the most users, makes the most money, had a movie made about its founder and now even has Oculus Rift.

So it's no surprise that many social networks have tried to imitate it over the last 10 years.

But there have been notable exceptions, which have struck out on their own path and done something different.

Twitter was one of these, a service which allowed users to upload their thoughts in 140-character bite-sized pieces. Yes, over the years it has added image and video upload capabilities, but it always stood apart from Facebook.

Until now that it.

Twitter has just unveiled its new profile pages which will be rolling out to users around the world in the coming days and weeks. The new profile pages include a larger profile photo, customisable header image and a way to display your best tweets.

Twitter has already given the makeover to some of its high-profile users including actor Zac Efron.

Below you can see what his new Twitter profile page looks like:

Zac Efron Twitter Profile

And here is what his Facebook page looks like:

Zac Efron Facebook Page

Notice any similarities?

Negative reaction

It's hardly surprising then to see that the reaction on Twitter to the new profile pages has been an instant comparison with Facebook.

Some of the reactions can be seen below:

BIG MISTAKE of the #newprofiles = seeking to look more like #Facebook. @Twitter should DIFFERENTIATE itself to stress competitive advantage.

— Fryderyk Chopin (@ChopinFryderyk) April 8, 2014

Seriously, these #newprofiles are just like @Facebook pages. Really stupid. @twitter should stay more unique. I don't want a huge cover pic!

— Baki EryiÄŸit (@BakiEryigit) April 8, 2014

Sorry, but I have to say it. I hate this new profile @twitter has in store. If I wanted to go on Facebook, I would. #newprofiles

— Kira Maddox (@KiraLMadd) April 8, 2014

so it's Facebook is what you're saying. RT @twitter: ...#newprofiles make it even easier and more fun.

— Justin (@xxdesmus) April 8, 2014

The #newprofiles should make it easier for people to go between facebook and twitter.

— Ryan O'Leary (@Freakinbuttons) April 8, 2014

Twitter recently updated its photo-sharing capabilities to allow users upload up to four images at once, as well as tag users in those images - another set of features which you could argue are similar to those offered by Facebook.

Let us know what you think of the new-look Twitter in the comments below.