Yesterday, Reddit user Bobby Cook asked users on the subreddit 'Ask Reddit', "If twitter existed all throughout history, what would be the most famous tweet of all time?"

Here are some of the funniest tweets from that discussion that have been segregated by time periods and personalities.

Julius Caesar

@JCaesar: Just going to see the senate. Hope my main man @MJBrutus is there! #truehomies

2 hours later @JCaesar posts his final tweet: Even u. When u think u trust some1 they stab you in the back! U no who u r!

Christopher Columbus

@Columbus The fu$$ am I? #lost #maybeitsindia?

Bubonic plague


Trojan War

"lol people just came out of a wooden horse #wtf"

"@Troy #sorrynotsorry"

#lovetroy #f$ckgreeks #woodenhorse

William Shakespeare

@Willy.Shakespeare: real eyes realize real lies

Man on The Moon

@neilarmstrong: One small step bitch! #moonwalking #noscopelanding #hotboxedhelmet

John F. Kennedy

we all know JFK's twitter handle would be @WhiteHouseSexMachine

@WhiteHouseSexMachine- Just gave Marilyn the Kennedy Treatment

@JFK they got me a convertible for the parade. Mind blown.

@JFK just found out I'm named after an airport #wtf

@JFK pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing #yolo

Hitler and the Nazis

Auschwitz favorited

1 hour ago: @Hitler Retweet if you are Jewish.

Hitler: I Just invaded Poland... #yolo #whatcouldgowrong

Hitler: Hey @ST4L1N gonna invade yo shit that k? #flawlessplan #whatcouldgowrong #nazis4life

Poland: I have a funny feeling that I'm going to have a bad day. #probablyjustbeingsilly #needtochillthefu$$out [September 1, 1939]

Noah's Ark

@Noah - I'm on a boat! lol #imadethisboat #onlymanalive #animalsloveme #lotofpooptoclean

@Noah "damn lions keep trying to eat the Unicorns. I told them 'NO!' oh well, nap time..."

American Revolution

Thomas Jefferson: "@George3 So done right now, It's over #Independent #'murica #Single

55 favorites 55 retweets

Adam and Eve

God: @Eve you had ONE job. Don't eat the apple. Shit's about to get biblical here #womenneverlisten #timetosmite

Thomas Edison

"Just invented the lightbulb. Suck it @NikTesla"

-Thomas Edison

Marie Antoinette

told the peasants to eat cake lololol #yolo #peasantproblems - Marie Antoinette

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks, 1955:

Just refused to give up my seat to a white person in the bus, just wasn't feeling it today.


Lincoln: Going to the theatre. #brb

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