Residents of York will soon no longer be able to hail a Uber cab after the city authorities decided against renewing the company's licence.

York becomes the third UK city to ban Uber after London and Sheffield, although these bans have been temporarily lifted. The Sheffield ban was suspended today (13 December)

According to City of York Council, there were concerns about the recent data breach which Uber executives actively covered up.

Uber has confirmed that the breach occurred. It exposed the personal information of 57 million customers and drivers around the world.

The licence will expire on New Year's Eve. Uber is likely to file an appeal which will allow it to keep operating until a decision is made - much like its situation in London.

According to Gizmodo, Uber's York general manager, Neil McConigle, said the decision was a disappointing result for the passengers and drivers in the city.

"More choice and competition is a good thing for both consumers and licensed drivers in the area. Licensed drivers partner with us because with Uber they can choose if, when and where they drive," he said.

But taxi drivers in York were happy and responded on Twitter to the latest ban:

Uber's third ban in the UK begs the question of why it keeps failing to get its licences extended. In London, TfL ruled that it was not fit for operating in the capital. TfL said Uber's approach to business and its conduct "demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential public safety and security implications".

Uber would have disappeared off London streets by 1 October but an appeal allows it to keep operating.

According to Sheffield council officials, Uber lost its licence after it failed to respond to requests for information though Uber said it had not received any communication from the council because it had been sent to the wrong email address.

A decision on licence renewal in Sheffield will be made next year.