UFO sighting alert: Twin sunrise like bright objects hovering over Florida beach sparks rumours
A still from the YouTube video showing two bright objects hovering over Florida Beach. YouTube

Two mysterious bright lights spotted hovering over Florida beach have again sparked UFO rumours.

The video of the unidentified flying objects, resembling a twin sunrise, was recorded during the CE-5 event of Sirius Disclosure, a UFO hunting website by Steven M Greer, which uploaded the video on YouTube.

However, there is no proof the video is authentic. The description for the viral UFO video reads:

"These golden objects at the CE-5 event (see www.SiriusDisclosure.com for info on CE-5s) were viewed with very advanced night vision binoculars. There were NO boats or ships seen anywhere in the area of the objects and there were no jets or planes or other airborne objects anywhere near the objects before, during or after the event. There was no smoke which would be seen from flares. They emerged in this dimension suddenly and did not drift or move laterally in the direction of the wind, which was gusty at times. A flare with a small parachute would have visibly drifting significantly to the south during the long duration of the sighting. They were seen in the area of fast-moving and appearing UFOs that were not filmed but were seen the prior evening."

Many users believe that the video shows actual UFOs, while others think they are flares fired from ships.