In the latest UFO sighting, a mysterious UFO-like object was spotted over South Carolina, US. A video capturing the comet-like object has surfaced on the popular video-sharing website YouTube, giving rise to a series of wacky conspiracy theories.

The one-minute-long video shows a bright luminous object darting across the sky. However, the object appears to be stationed and a passing aircraft flies behind it with a white trail. The video was uploaded by Kymberleigh Jordan with a brief description of the object as "comet."

"This object was moving, but barely. You can't even tell it is moving in this video but it was moving downward very slowly. Another thing, if you look very closely you can see it is an object. There is an "eye" in this "comet." And why did the plane travel behind it instead of in front? Does that mean it is in our atmosphere and that plane directly passed that object?" reads the description.

Meanwhile, several theories have hit the internet. One of which suggests that the second plane was a government's "spotter plane" investigating the UFO. The theory suggests that "they" always know when these are coming.

"It does appear to me to pass between the observer and the passing plane. I'd say it could be some kind of space debris or rocket reentry, coming in at such an angle to appear slower. That though is nothing more than an educated guess as well," another user suggested.

The video was then shared by Nick Thomas TV, a YouTube channel that features UFO encounters from all over the world. The channel also features footages of NIBIRU, allegedly a large planetary object that was supposed to bring about a disaster on Earth after the collision. It was associated with the 2012 phenomenon and it is sometimes referred to as Planet X.

"Incoming PLANET in Nemesis System Planet with WINGS Nov 26 2019," Nick Thomas captioned the video by Jordan. While some had questions, others responded in disbelief.

Jellyfish UFO
A breathtaking view of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket which many assumed is a UFO Twitter

Meanwhile, UFO remains one of the most intriguing subjects for scientists and researchers. Several sightings have surfaced along with the strangest conspiracy theories. However, scientists are constantly trying to find answers to the questions related to these mysterious objects.