Eurotunnel has revealed the UK economic recovery led to more Britons travelling out of the country and taking the Eurostar, leading to a rise in passenger traffic and revenue.

In the French group's third-quarter results announcement, Eurotunnel revenue rose by 7% to €343.9m (£271.7m, $437.5m) after Eurostar trains carried 2.8 million passengers, a 3% rise from the previous period.

"This summer Eurotunnel set new records for traffic and this momentum is continuing," said Jacques Gounon, CEO at Eurotunnel, in a statement.

Truck traffic also rose 6% while rail freight tonnage rocketed 17% year-on-year. Even the loss-making MyFerryLink ferry service has turned around and now accounts for 8% of the group's revenue after raking in 20% more revenue growth.

However, traffic fell 7% on coaches compared with the same period last year.