Colosseum, Rome, Italy
People walk outside the Colosseum, in Rome YARA NARDI/Reuters

Travellers heading to Italy, Hungary and Croatia have reportedly received a warning from the UK Foreign Office.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) regularly keeps its people updated about any necessary information regarding travelling abroad. The FCDO has now warned people about increased border controls at the border of Slovenia and three of its neighbouring countries: Italy, Croatia and Hungary.

The latest travel advisory from the FCDO is about the introduction of temporary border checks from Oct. 21 on Slovenia's borders with Italy, Croatia and Hungary and security is expected to remain tight until the end of the month.

If a person is planning to cross the border by land, they have been advised to keep extra time in hand. This step from Slovenia is following a similar move made by Italy due to an upsurge of violence in the Middle East.

In addition, Italy's far-right government also suspended an open-border agreement with Slovenia effective from Saturday for 10 days, according to news reports.

"From 21 October, temporary border checks will be introduced at Slovenia's borders with Italy, Croatia and Hungary. Austrian border checks will continue. You should allow extra time for crossing land borders from and into Slovenia," FCDO wrote.

The UK Foreign Office has also alerted British travellers that they must be ready to show their passport or residency card if asked to do so by the border police. The checks may also involve vehicle inspections.

British travellers heading to Slovenia and all other Schengen countries must have a passport that follows two requirements:

  • Have a "date of issue" less than 10 years before the date you arrive. Passports issued after October 1, 2018 are now valid for only 10 years, but for passports issued before October 1, 2018, extra months may have been added if you renewed a passport early.
  • Have an "expiry date" at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave.

Security protocols in several European countries are being made more strict citing threats of terrorist attacks in Europe. Earlier it was reported that France had received a series of threats that led to the evacuation of airports and tourist attractions.

Ten airports were evacuated across France on Wednesday, following a series of bomb threats. The airports in Lille, Lyon, Nice, Nantes, Paris Beauvais, Tillé and Toulouse were all forced to close

The threat level in France went up after a teacher was stabbed to death by a knifeman earlier in the week who shouted "Allahu Akbar".