Dubai is an ideal honeymoon destination for those couples looking to enjoy some warm weather. Mohammed Salem/Reuters

Holidaymakers have received a warning over a strict rule that could land them in jail if they are travelling to popular tourist destinations such as the UAE, Turkey and India. The rule is regarding the use of electric cigarettes or vaping, which is banned in several countries worldwide.

At present, vaping is allowed in the UK and there are no nationwide legal restrictions or laws enforced on the use of e-cigarettes in public areas. Unless a specific place or public area has enforced a ban, the use of vaping devices is permitted indoors across the UK.

More than three million people in the UK use vaping devices, according to recent figures. But British travellers need to be alert about rules regarding vaping when they travel abroad. People could be slapped with severe fines if they breach vaping rules in the countries where it is banned.

Every year, nearly three million people from the UK visit Turkey, a country where vaping and heated tobacco are strictly banned. A person caught breaking the rule could face a fine of up to £100.

In 2019, the Indian government announced a complete ban on e-cigarettes due to health concerns. Anyone caught with a vape can be fined up to £950 and repeat offenders could even land in prison.

One of the popular vacation destinations of the people from the UK is the glamorous city of Dubai. In 2022, 39 per cent of visitors to the UAE were British nationals, while 25 per cent were Emiratis. In Dubai, the sale of e-cigarettes was initially banned in 2009. Even though this rule has since been overturned, travellers are urged to still have to watch where they vape.

Anyone caught smoking e-cigarettes in public in Dubai could face a fine of up to £450 (around Dh2,000).

Even France is planning to ban disposable vapes soon under the country's anti-smoking plan, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne confirmed earlier this year.

'UK planning to ban vapes'

A spokesperson of Ski Vertigo, a tour operator based in the UK, revealed that the UK is now considering a ban on disposable vapes.

"It's essential for vapers to thoroughly research the vaping laws of their holiday destinations before finalising their travel plans. The last thing anyone wants is to face unexpected legal challenges while on vacation.

"For those who have already booked trips to countries with strict vaping regulations, it's advisable to tread with caution. It's not just about avoiding fines; in some places, you could even land in jail," the spokesperson added.