The UK is among the least generous countries in Europe when it comes to paid leave and unemployment benefits, research by recruitment website Glassdoor shows.

The country was the least-giving in Europe when it comes to unemployment benefits. Even the US, which overall has the most frugal benefits system, provides more generous unemployment benefits, the recruitment website found.

The UK offers unemployment benefit of between £51-£65 per week, for up to 26 weeks, according to Glassdoor. The UK government website shows that young unemployed people, between 18 and 24, can receive up to £57.90 (€74.30, $82.84) Job Seeker's Allowance, and those 25 or over can receive up to £73.10

In the US, maximum weekly unemployment benefits differ per state, from less than £140 up to £488 in Massachusetts.

Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor's chief economist said that the general perception of the UK used to be that it provided a generous scheme for all. "We now have evidence to suggest that Britain is no longer an easy ride, especially when compared to its European neighbours, he said.

"Denmark, France and Spain offer far better social benefits that support local workforces. For the UK, it could be argued that parental leave, sick pay and unemployment benefits are particularly meagre." Ireland, Switzerland and the UK ranked as the least-giving countries in terms of sick pay, annual leave, and paternity and maternity leave.

Denmark and France were among the most generous countries when it comes to benefits, while the Netherlands scored best in terms of paid sick leave.

These are the countries selected by Glassdoor ranked on their generosity when it comes to benefits

  1. Denmark, score 7.8
  2. France, score 7.2
  3. Spain, score 6.4
  4. Netherlands, score 6.2
  5. Sweden, score 5.9
  6. Finland, score 5.8
  7. Italy, score 5.6
  8. Norway, score 5.6
  9. Austria, score 5.4
  10. Belgium, score 5.1
  11. Germany, score 4.7
  12. UK, score 2.9
  13. Switzerland, score 2.3
  14. Ireland, score 2.3
  15. US, score 0.3