Protesters clashed with Ukip supporters during a rally outside the party's spring conference in Margate, Kent.

One woman, who has not been identified, was arrested on suspicion of common assault during the fight that broke out between Ukip members and anti-Ukip protesters.

Earlier in the day an estimated 250 demonstrators from across the country descended on the seaside town to protest against Ukip.

Protesters marched down the streets of the town before hosting a rally outside the Margate Winter Gardens, where the Ukip spring Conference, which was hosted from 27-28 February, was drawing to a close with a speech from Nigel Farage.

Emma, one of the protesters at the event, told IBTimes UK, "We're here to stand up to the racist lies Ukip have been promoting for years. We're here to give a very clear message that immigration has nothing to do with the financial mess we're in at the moment".

"Ukip is a right-wing populist racist party and they give fuel to the fire of the fascists," she added.

Chris, another protester at the event, said he did not think the party was receiving enough opposition ahead of the general election in May.

He told IBTimes UK, "The media and the mainstream political parties are not opposing Ukip the way I think they should. They are a racist party and they are a pro-establishment party".

"I don't think they're good for working class people and I certainly think they're racist," he added.

A small group of far-right protesters from the English Defence League were also out demonstrating against the anti-Ukip protest.

The main protest was organised by 'Thanet stand up to Ukip' as a way of bringing together people who think Ukip's presence will lead to increased bigotry and prejudice to the area.

South Thanet, where Nigel Farage is standing as a candidate, is one of the many seats Ukip is targeting in south-east England.

The protest comes with less than 70 days to go until the general election, with Ukip polling around 15% in national surveys.