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A Ukrainian MP was unceremoniously dumped into a skip outside the country's parliament in Kiev, following the landmark parliamentary session on 16 September, where Ukraine ratified an EU association treaty opposed by Russia and granted autonomy to rebel regions.

A group of men are seen throwing the Ukrainian MP, Vitaly Zhuravsky, into a large garbage container head first.

As he tries to break free, Zhuravsky is further pushed down by his head and a tyre is tossed over him.

A liquid is next poured over him and a woman is heard shouting in Russian, "Boys, let me kick him at least one time."

Zhuravsky was a member of the former president Viktor Yanukovich's Party. He also supported a bill in January that called on tight restrictions on anti-government protestors.

On 16 September, Ukraine passed two bills: one giving temporary special status to the Donbass region, including the rebel strongholds of Donetsk and Luhansk, and another that granted amnesty for fighters who did not commit any serious crimes.

The MPs also ratified an agreement, which was opposed by the former president Viktor Yanukovych, paving way for deeper economic and political ties between Kiev and the European Union.

It was the refusal to sign this agreement that had toppled former president Yanukovych and sparked the crisis in Crimea and eastern Ukraine.