A couple who fled Ukraine amid Russian bombing in February is all set to run the London Marathon to raise money for their country.

Viktoriya Kiose, 29, and Kostiantyn Bidnenko, 35, were in Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, when Russia started bombing it.

They had to travel via Hungary, Poland, and Italy to reach the UK. They were granted refugee status under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. The scheme allows British citizens to offer shelter to Ukrainian refugees for at least 6 months, per a report in The Independent.

"I was shocked. It was very scary and we didn't understand because it was like in the movies. It was awful. It was the worst day in my life," she said.

The couple had a thriving life back in Ukraine before the war destroyed everything that they held precious. Kiose, 29, was a TV host as well as a beauty pageant winner in Ukraine. She was crowned Miss Ukraine International in 2016.

Her partner, Bidnenko, tried to enlist in Ukraine's military but was unable to do so because he has a rare genetic disease called alkaptonuria, which causes joint pain, lower back pain, and stiffness. It is a life-long condition with no cure or specific treatment.

The couple will be running the marathon so they can raise money for their country. "We wanted to support our country as much as we can and the decision about the London Marathon is we want to participate, it's one of the biggest events in London," said Bidnenko.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has launched an initiative called United 24 to collect funds as the war with Russia shows no sign of coming to an end anytime soon.

Thousands of soldiers and civilians have died on both sides since the war started six months ago. Zelensky has made it clear that the country will not give in to Russian pressure and will not allow Moscow to lock in territorial gains. In a speech marking 31 years of Ukraine's independence on Wednesday, he vowed to also recapture lost territory.

London Marathon
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